Forgiveness Bubbles



Thanks for listening to me, God
I need to talk to you
I know you love your children, Lord
No matter what they do

And though I try to do my best
I know I always should –
But I’m not perfect or grown up
Sometimes I’m not quite good

Right now my heart is cold and stained
With dirt and grime and sin
I need forgiveness bubbles, please
To make it clean again

If you wash my heart again
And rinse away the stain
The wicked things I’ve said and done
Will go right down the drain

My heart feels very dirty, God –
Won’t you please scrub it bright?
When you forgive me once again
My heart will be snow white

Please help me keep my heart clean, Lord
And teach me to do right
Help me keep my heart forever
Shinny penny bright

But if I happen to mess up
And need another scrub
I know you won’t forget me, God
Just plop me in your tub!

Lots of folks don’t understand
Forgiveness from above
They don’t know how my heart feels
When it is bathed in love

When I am sorry, you forgive
The problem doesn’t matter
When my heart is brand-new clean
My ugly feelings scatter

I’m growing up, and as I do
You’ll help me through my troubles
I won’t outgrow my love for you
And your forgiveness bubbles

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