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Thought of this day

I have never been afraid to fail, I will never fear anything in this world. But the most important thing in my life, I always fear to God Almighty.

My Thought about Disappointment

When we facing  a disappointment, take a step back from the original issue and remind ourself, ” What do we really want ? ”  and  ”  is there a  solution  ? ” Disappointment aren’t meant to hurt us or keep us down. they are meant to help us  to grow and to remind us of our  priorities.

Thought before sleep

When the night comes, I always think about what will  be happening tomorrow, what kind of problem and obstacles  that  I  had to faced, if I am  able to get through it all?  When cares and fear comes in my mind, only one thing  that I do,  Pray and surrender all of my cares and fear to God. because I do believe in His love and kindness. HE will lead and guide me to through all of  my problems and obstacles. ” Dear God, thank you for Your care, guidance, strength and  wisdom. Amen “

Thought about making mistakes

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. Mistakes are part of our lives. Out of the mistakes we made, we gain experience. So we do learn from our mistakes. Finally, we obtain happiness in their places, because of the good judgment that came through experience.  Don’t be afraid if you make mistakes, it’s the best teacher for us.

From a small things to a big things

Treat a small things same as you treat a big things because a big things always come from a small things.  Appreciate a small things just as you appreciate a big things because both of it is a grace from God.

Don’t waste you time for dreaming

“Staying up all night is a waste of sleeping, and a waste of sleeping is a waste of dreaming, and dreaming is important because the more dreams you have, the better chance you have of one coming true.”

The secret of being HAPPY

The Secret of being Happy is accepting where your are in life and making the most out of everyday.

laws of sow and reap

* If you plant honesty, you will reap trust.
* If you plant goodness, you will reap friends.
* If you plant humility, you will reap greatness.
* If you plant perseverance, you will reap contentment.
* If you plant consideration, you will reap perspective.
* If you plant hard work, you will reap success.
* If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation.
* If you plant faith in God, you will reap a harvest.

Thought about Good person

If you always trying to say ” Yes, I am a good one..!! ” Frankly you are not that one. Because indeed a good person will never just saying but actually prove even with action.

Thought about success

When you have to accomplished a goal, don’t look at it as the finish line: Look at is as being starting point for your next achievement. Life is an endless marathon, so as long as you are breathing, don’t sit idle to for to long; Instead set your sights on that next  marker point. 

Thought about Friendship

A truly friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

Friendship is like a gold chain. Each link is a memory from the past to present. Never let the chain break or else the friendship will be gone. Remember Gold is valuable as the friendship is


55 thoughts on “My Thought

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment 🙂 have faith in Jesus our Lord in only the best way to endure in all circumstances even to reach our dream 🙂 many love and blessings to you my dear new blog friend.

  1. Hello sister, thank you for your thoughts and expressions here. You are sharing really good and helpful things, and I appreciate your focus on God. It is very uplifting!

    I pray grace and peace be with you and your family! (I would also encourage you to perhaps not share too much personal information on your About page, just for your privacy and protection.) God bless you!

    • Hi there..thank you so much for visiting my blog and read my page. Thank you for your encouragement and your advice. I will consider it..:) once again thank you so much. Much blessings to you.

      • You are quite welcome. And just looking out for you, that’s all, especially here in the US and other places where it’s just wise to be a little protective. Peace and grace be with you all.

  2. Hi Karina. I just wanted to express thankfulness for your thoughts. I am able to visit your blog and this is a blessing for me. Thank you so much for the time that you have to share your posts with us.
    ~ Eric

  3. Some fantastic insights Karina! I especially like the one about dreaming more so there is more chance of one coming true – I haven’t heard that before, but it is very fitting for me as I tend to be a bit of a dreamer sometimes!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I’m glad you aren’t afraid to explore different ideas 🙂

    • Dear sister in Christ, Sheryl..
      Thank you very much for taking time to visit and read my blog page. I really appreciate it. Also thank you for the Bible verses 🙂 many blessings to you.

  4. Hey Karina !! @ thoughts here… I have been posting UR work using Susanto as UR last name… In UR bio U say Lam is UR husbands last name… Which should I use ??

    Also, I just came across this link, and thought I would share it with U, because I see that U use the NIV version…

    Blessings in Christ, bruce

    • Hello brother in Christ, Bruce..
      Oh you can use my husband last name. “Lam” Thank you very much for your attention 🙂 well, mostly I always use NIV version but sometime I use another version too. Thank you and much blessings to you too 🙂

  5. Hi sis! How are you doing today/evening? Hope things are going well for you at home and work. You have so many responsibilities to look after! Hope to hear how you and your family are doing when you get the chance…

    Have a great evening and may the Lord bless you!


    • Hello brother!
      I am doing good. This time when I write this, I just come back from golf course. This morming my husband had a golf session with some of his business friends. Have a great weekend to you brother 🙂 God bless.

  6. Just saying hi, sis! Trying to get ready for Christmas, not much time left! My family is already planning another trip to Las Vegas, (I don’t like it there), for a family reunion next April. We can’t even make it through one holiday before we are planning more trips!

    Anyway, such is the price one pays for having a close, but very different kind of family, with a number of various personalities! But they are all very nice people…

    Hope you have a great evening, Karin!


    • Hello brother,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Woow, family reunion! Sounds interesting. It’s wonderful to have close family. Once a year our family also make family reunion 🙂 hope you will enjoy it, brother. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season, brother 🙂

      • And you as well! When do you have your reunion? We usually have some who gather at the holidays and birthdays, etc.

        And then we have one for just a few family members from the East coast who love Las Vegas…(not my favorite place)…but my wife likes to go. We stay 3-4 days there. Oh well, the meal times are usually more fun.

        You enjoy your holiday time too. You should be the big “hit” what with the baby and all!!! 🙂

          • Well, sis, whenever you all get together enjoy your time! It is how God intended it to be for those who love and walk with Him.

            I really appreciate you, Karin! You are a lovely lady within and without and seek the goodness in everything! This is also how God intends us to live our lives.

            Thank you for your regular support this and every year!

            Brother Steve

  7. Hi sis! Well another work week has come and is almost gone. Hope everything went well for you and your family this week. Just wanted to say hi and hope for you a nice relaxing weekend. Take care and we’ll talk again next week, Lord willing!


    • Hello, brother.
      I reply this comment at the golf course. My husband playint playing golf with his business friends while I am busy with Andrew 🙂 have a blesse weekend to you too, bro.

      • 🙂 Yes, it seems golf is the preferred game to play with business partners and associates. Spend time with Andrew now…he’s only going to be a little one for a while! They grow up so fast…

        Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Have a wonderful evening and day…


  8. I knew that I had read this before, just never posted a comment as it was one of the first posts I read when I first visited your site so many years ago. But Brother Bruce Mills reposted it again and I had to reread it. Sis, I love your writing and when you do add something new, just want you to know it is a true blessing for this Brother to read! God bless for all your years of faithful service Sis. I hope all is going well where you live and if you are STILL living “down under” I have made several other Christian friends from that beautiful country! God bless and stay safe. Keep the Faith, Sis!!

    • Dear,brother Roland
      Than you very much for your lovely words, brother. I grateful to God you love my writing. Just hope and pray that what I share to the post will be a blessing to others. Thank you very much. Keep safe and healthy to you and your loved ones. God Bless

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