About me

  Hi dearest friends. Welcome to my blog.

Contempalting  I am  28 years old young mother. Married to Kevin Lam with a first precious baby son, Andrew Timothy. I am the one and only daughter in my family. As  a single daughter I must be a greatest treasure and a precious one  for my parents.  When I was 6 years  old, I moved to Australia. Took  junior and senior high school, also earned   a degree in business administration and communications ( as my parents wishes) there.

I have worked as Personal Assistant to CEO at the Big IT company in Indonesia (the country where I was born) for more than 2 years and I also got the chance to taking Master program in business. Now I am entrusted to run  my parent’s companies.

Many people around me often said that I am an extraordinary girl. Well, I don’t think so. I just an ordinary girl but God’s love gave me an extraordinary life. He  has given me a life with  an abundant blessing. I am very grateful to God for His loving kindness.

Through this blog I am longing to inspire and encourage other through the God’s word and from my daily personal experience.  I hope  that can motivate, encourage and inspire those who read my posts. Periodically  I will  add and update with new post . I am very happy and grateful if you are willing to share  stories or everything to my blog

Eventually, Thank you for visiting my blog. I am pleased to reply your comments or like, if any. Have a good and precious life, God Bless you all.


Karina Lam


355 thoughts on “About me

  1. This is great. Thanks for sharing your heart . And this is awesome have a vision to help and encourage others. I am thankful to God find awesome people who willingly blessing and glorifying His name. I am extremely happy for this. Keep up the good job in the Lord because your reward is stored in heaven. Australia is a beautiful country to be.
    ( thanks for visiting me also)
    Everyone is welcome to my blog and and i would be more than happy if you can read my book and give me a review for that. It will bless you so much.

    See you all there!


    • Hello,dear
      Thank you very much for asking me about my husband. Well, actually there is no family relation between my husband and Nora Lam. Just coincidence we have the same Clan. It is common in Chinese people have the clan but don’t have family relationship. Thank you very much and God bless 🙂

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