Ditches in The Desert



Today, my morning activity in the office begins with an interesting conversation with my secretary. I didn’t know why she suddenly asked about this thing, “Ma’am, do you really believe in what is written in Luke 1:37?” My mind directly drifted to that verse. “For with God nothing shall be impossible” A bit difficult to answer this question. I could answer, Yes! Of course I strongly believe that nothing is impossible for God” but it only will be a stumbling block if my attitude and deeds at a later time not in accordance with my word. Then I try to answer its question carefully. I said, “I always pray ask for strength and wisdom to keep learning to believe everything that God says. I always open my ears wide to listening every of His word then I put it in the deepest of my heart as something absolute should to believe.”

My secretary question made me ponder deeply. As Christians we all surely know that there is nothing impossible to God. But the problem is how far we truly believe it? Have we applied it in our daily lives? How far our obedience to obey doing what God commanded, even when we have to do something that seems doesn’t make sense? In our daily lives, we found a lot of people that easily discouraged when confronted by adversity, moreover if our logic says that it is impossible to be overcome. Even worse, if we don’t believe in what we do, although we know that it is in accordance with God’s guidance. In that circumstance, we often forget one of God’s characteristic that He has unlimited power. We become doubt because we feel it is impossible to find the way out of our difficulties. Actually, if we want to spend some time to learn and contemplate what God says in the Bible, we will find a lot of events and the real examples of how God did many miracles which by human logic is very impossible.

Right now I will take all of us to look at one of the bible passage to convince us that there is nothing impossible for God. Let’s have a look to the book of 2 Kings 3. When the Israelites joined together with the nation of Judah and Edom for war against The Moab, they went through the desert of Edom and they were facing a very difficult problem namely couldn’t get the water after walking for seven days. (2 Kings 3:9) Let’s imagine, for a week without water in the middle of very hot and barren desert. They will be thirsty, dehydration, and very weak. How could they fight? Slowly but sure their body’s condition will getting weak. Fortunately, King Jehoshaphat realizes that they need guidance from God.” But Jehoshaphat asked, “Is there no prophet of the Lord here, through whom we may inquire of the Lord?” (2 Kings 3:11 NIV) It turns out, there is Elisha the son of Shaphat there. Then Elisha asked one harpist to play.  “But now bring me the harpist” While the harpist was playing, the hand of the Lord came on Elisha (2 Kings 3:15 NIV) Elisha was filled with God’s Spirit through the praise and worship of the harpist. Then Elisha Said: “Thus saith the Lord, Make this valley full of ditches.” (2 Kings 3:16 NKJV)

Once again, I ask all of us to imagine one thing. Supposing at that time we were there with them, what is our reaction when we hear what Elisha said? We have been thirsty and weak because already a week without water and now God commanded to make ditches in the barren and waterless desert. For what we make ditches if no water at all? Do we will obediently to do what God commands? Maybe we will laugh and said, “God, Are you joking?” Yet, actually God was not joking and He never makes a joke. He said:

“You will see neither wind nor rain, yet this valley will be filled with water, and you, your cattle and your other animals will drink. This is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord; he will also deliver Moab into your hands.” (2 Kings 3: 17-18 NIV)

That was so true that there is no wind, rain, and maybe even not cloudy. Although it sounds very strange and illogical, if God had promised, God definitely will keep His promises. If we read this passage till the end we know that finally what God commanded to them was not in vain. God proves His words. Not only an abundant water but God even gave them a victory against the Moab.

Through this story we see that God proves that nothing is impossible for Him. God can do anything beyond our limited logic and thinking ability. Something unreasonable for us is reasonable for God. Made ditches in the desert is something difficult to accept by the common sense, but God in real made impossibility became something very possible, because:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” (Isaiah 55:8 NIV)

If this story were not powerful enough to convince us that indeed nothing impossible for God, let’s look to another story. Let’s briefly have a look to the story of Gideon in Judge 6. When the Israelites were oppressed by the Amalekites and the Midianites, God sent His angel to meet Gideon and said that God chose Gideon to defeat the Amalekites and the Midianites. (Verse 11-12) What is the impossible thing that happened in this story? Let’s see a map of the power of the both parties. The Midianites and Amalekites have so many people. Was mentioned in the Judges 7:12: The Midianites, the Amalekites and all the other eastern peoples had settled in the valley, thick as locusts. Their camels could no more be counted than the sand on the seashore. While in the Gideon’s side, God said to Gideon: “With the three hundred men that lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands. Let all the others go home.” (Judges 7:7 NIV) logically, it was a highly impossible thing. How it is possible with only three hundred people could defeat the Midianites that have uncountable number. Through this story once again we see that something is impossible for us, it is not impossible for God. With God’s inclusion and guidance Gideon and his people finally can defeats the Midianites.

When we face so many hard problems, we often try to find the way out by using logic and the ability of our own mind. And by the time we were deadlocked then our logic will say that this in an impossible thing to be resolved.  We forget that there is God who is in control of all our lives. Through the Bible we can see more proofs that God overturns human logic. We can see the power of God is far above of our logic. A young David against Goliath, Shamgar, or if we could ask to Noah, I do believe that Noah will tell us a lot of how the Lord overcoming what is regarded impossible by human logic.  Jesus Himself reminds us:

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26 NIV)

My beloved readers, whether right now we are in facing tribulations and we feel that all of it is impossible to be resolved?  Or we’re in doubt doing something that God commanded?  This evening, please allow me to encourage all of us to bring every of our severe problems and difficulties through prayer to God. Let Him help us to solve our problems by His own way. Please always remember and bear in our heart and mind that for with God nothing shall be impossible. Perhaps our logic and mind says impossible but neither to God. All that happened thousands of years ago will still be going on in our lives today. In my personal life, many times I had many hard problems and seem it is impossible to be resolved. But many times too God shows His marvelous way, far away beyond my logic and thought to solve my problems.  Everything that is not easy for us is an easy thing in the God’s eyes. If God commanded us to dig “ditches in the desert” we just need to obey to do what He commanded though it sounds impossible.

But I gave them this command: Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you. (Jeremiah 7:23 NIV)

The Israelites chose to obey to what God said and finally they got double blessings. God gave the water that they need and a victory against the Moab. Gideon also always obedient to did what God commanded and he can defeats the Midianites with only three hundred people.

We need make a step of faith to get God’s promises. God’s promises and blessings will not come instantly. We have to do our part first, and God will do His part.  The step of faith that has made by the Israelites is build ditches. Gideon had step of faith by decreasing the number of his people from thirty-thousands to only three hundred people. We should not just remain silent waiting God’s blessings. We have to act to do something with firm faith, walk deeper into the closer relationship with God, and always involve Him in all things in our lives.

…”Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

(Matthew 17:20 NIV)

 We also have to believe. Distrust and doubt is often become a stumbling block and an obstacle for us to receive God’s Miracles. Please remember that our God is more than capable to doing unpredictable miraculous things. God be able to doing unthinkable and unreachable thing. Although it sound so odd, The Israelites completely believe that through the ditches that they make, God’s power will work. Gideon was truly believed that God will always be with him. We have to believe God will be able to help us through His amazing way. Everything is impossible will be possible if we believe.

“…Everything is possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23 NIV)

My dear friends, if today we got the same question as my secretary question, what is our answer? Let’s confidently answer that question: “Yes! For with God nothing shall be impossible as long as want to completely obey, always walk in firm faith, and believe.” Amen.

Karina – Living by faith

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85 thoughts on “Ditches in The Desert

  1. What a great question she asked you. And a good considered response to it. Easy to just spout that answer out, but as you said Karina, if our lives don’t match the answer, the answer is meaningless, and a lie to ourselves and them.

    • Dear brother in Christ, Wally.
      Thank you very much for your great comment on my post 🙂 Yes, I keep learning to match my word with my deed. Thank you and blessings. Have a great day.

  2. Thanks for this great reminder. Sometimes I think my faith must be smaller than a mustard seed, but then God does something amazing and it renews my faith. He is the One doing the good work in me.

  3. Great post! Just as usual, it has reminded me of what we were discussing this morning during our Bible Study sessions.

    We were studying Romans 8:18-27 which deals with “hope”. Paul made it clear that, our suffering cannot be compared to the future glory. He even explained what he meant by the word ‘hope’.

    The only suggestion for you Karina, is English. Would you like to try the Ginger Software? I hope it will help you.

    Anyway, this is just my own view. I use this free tool even as I make this comment. It shows me my mistakes right away. It helps me correct most of my spelling errors in a simple mouse-click.

    It is at: http://www.gingersoftware.com


    • Dear John.
      First of all, I would like say so sorry for very slow reply of your comment. Please don’t be offended, I really have missed it. Thank you for the lovely comment and also thank you for the software that you suggested to me. I will visit the site and try to install the software in my Mac. Once again, thank for your kindness 🙂 Blessings to you.

  4. “For with God noting is impossible”!
    Your secretary asked a very important question because the subconscious answer is yes!!! But upon further inspection I see how at times my actions don’t match up with that answer. If the answer was yes then my actions would be more audacious, my prayers would be bolder! This has really challenged me Karina.

    Joshua believed that statement and he commanded the sun to stand still (what he didn’t know was for that to happen the earth had to stop spinning. Everything had to be stop spinning! He believed God to do the impossible and God did the impossible!
    I will surely meditate on this question because I want to believe it with every fiber of my being. God has called us trust Him to do the impossible. I am severely challenged…..!!

    I like what you said about stepping out. If I believe then I need to step out and do my part. Faith without works is dead. Thank you much Karina!

    Have a blessed week…..


    • Dear brother, Rolain.
      First of all, thank you very much for your meaningful response on my post. Her question was challenge me too. In daily experience, we could so easy said, Yes we truly believe that there is nothing impossible With God, but also we could easily become waver when we face something impossible to do. Thank you for mentioned and linked me on your current post. It was such a great honor to me. Let’s pray that we keep learning to believe 🙂 many love and blessings to you, brother.

      • I love how God uses other people to speak to us Karina. Your post did that for me. I was extremely challenged and I felt God was challenging me to step out and trust Him no matter what. It won’t happen in a day but it’s my goal and desire to trust Him to do the impossible. Your post came at the right time and really ministered to me

        God bless you for allowing Him to guide you in your writing Karina…..


  5. “I could answer, “Yes! Of course I strongly believe that nothing is impossible for God” but it only will be a stumbling block if my attitude and deeds at a later time not in accordance with my word.”

    What a wonderful reaction. Words are easy. Karina – thank you!!

  6. I have always believed that God has the power to do anything. My struggle is in believing that he has the time to care about me. I often feel that he is too busy, with wars, and famine and really important things to care about my little situation. I am constantly working on this, for I do know that I am special to him and that he does work in my life.

    • Dear, Meghan.
      Yes. We are so special to Him. Often time we have to waiting to what we ask for. Often time we also tend to want God work according our time. We have to know that His time is not our time. Therefore, we have remain believe and have firm faith in waiting His work to us. Thank you very much for sharing to me 🙂 Many blessings to you.

  7. I love this post especially since so many people try to explain away miracles in the Bible. They try to use logic to explain what happened, but then they wonder why God doesn’t seem near. It’s all about faith as you pointed out. It was because of the Israelites’ faith that the Lord intervened. The centurion you wrote about awhile ago had faith that Jesus could heal his servant from afar. He understood Jesus’ authority and believed in Him. In contrast, the Pharisees and scribes asked Jesus for a sign many times, but their motive was evil, and they had no faith. Any time we read about people being healed by Jesus it’s their faith that brings about healing. It is by God’s power, yes, but each one had faith He could do it if He was willing. Comparing the OT accounts that you shared with the NT accounts, it becomes more obvious that God doesn’t change. He still desires His people to believe and trust in Him. He still works miracles. He still provides even the most basic of needs like drink, food, and clothing (Matt. 6:25-33) if we seek His kingdom and righteousness first. As you so wonderfully wrote, an action–a step–of faith is required, not to earn God’s love but rather to demonstrate our willingness to put everything else aside and trust Him no matter what. And sometimes that means trusting God even when we don’t see miracles happening for we cannot know all that God has planned. The man born blind (John 9) did nothing wrong, but he was not healed until the opportune time so that God’s works could be displayed in him. Paul also was given a thorn in the flesh to keep him from exalting himself (1 Cor. 12:7), and the Lord would not take it away because His grace was sufficient. Paul still had to trust that the Lord’s decision was for his own good. We are Christians because of faith. Everything we do should be done in faith (something for all of us to practice). I love what John says about faith to the church:

    “Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and whoever loves the Father loves the child born of Him. By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and observe His commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome. For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” – 1 John 5:1-4 (NASB)

    Our faith is the victory that has overcome the world!

    • Dear, Lauren.
      Through your response on my post I got another insight about the fact of the Bible. This morning while I drink a cup of coffee in the office I have learned more related with what I have wrote. There are so many things in the Bible that beyond our logic and mind and it all more proof me that there is nothing impossible with God. The born blind man, Lazaruz, and many other. As you said it is all about faith and trust to God. Thank you for another insight and the Bible examples. Indeed, your response become an important thing to ponder again 🙂 Have a blessed day to you, dear friend.

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  9. So, here I am a seminary graduate, a pastor, and an author, yet I completely forgot about ditches in the desert! Thank you for the reminder! On a side note, I preached yesterday morning on John 11 and Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. If you will remember, Martha said SHE believed Jesus when He said Lazarus would live again, but it was never in her mind that he could live again that day. Point being, many times we believe, but only so much – and how unfortunate for us.

    • Dear, Mr. Baker.
      You are much welcome 🙂 it was such a great honor to me you gave a comment on my post. Thank you for too remind me about the Lazarus and Martha. Yes I do remember. One statement of you that make me ponder, “Many time we believe, but only so much..” once again thank you very much for reading my post. God Bless.

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  11. Awesome Post! Always awesome when innocent questions cause us to ponder and further our faith and insight of our God! Praise the Lord!

    Also, thank you for your faithful reading and support of our blog also!

    Blessings to you and your Ohana!

  12. I’ve been thinking of this topic for writing apoem for my blog.You have written. a beautiful and inspiring work. Thank you for following my blog., I’ll look forward to getting to know you better.Debbie

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  14. Hi Karina! I love your post, and believe you have outlined a wonderful answer here. We are told nothing is impossible with God. But that doesn’t mean that all things we try to do will be successful. It is only in God’s will that we may have what we want or try for.

    And there is also another thought to consider. This verse may be telling us that God Himself is capable of anything He wants to do. Read (Genesis 18:14):

    “…Is anything too hard for the LORD? I will return to you at the appointed time next year, and Sarah will have a son.”

    Or how about (Jeremiah 32:17):

    “Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”

    We must strive to consider the full context of all scripture to learn its complete meaning…


    • Hello, brother Steve.
      Thank you for you wonderful insight on my post. Actually, when I made a draft of this post, I took example of Sarah. But I change it with the story of Gideon just because in order to in line with the first example which the topic about war. I really know that there is so many Bible story that proof Nothing impossible, with God. However, once again thank you very much for giving me suggestions. It all will be my important lesson to consider many aspects of the Bible to get the true essence and meaning. You know what, this is one reason that I love do blogging. I could learn for good from others who have more experience and knowledge 🙂 Thank you and blessings to you.

      • Funny, Karina, but I am impressed with your knowledge of many things in God’s word! You are an excellent teacher yourself…

        As for deeper meaning from the scriptures, this is exactly why we should study often. We can always seem to go back to something we have read many times and find new meanings.

        This is especially true as we get older, because we mature and we look at many aspects of life in a different way. We need God’s guidance at every point of our changing lives!

        Bless you my dear for your thoughtful posts and spiritual work…

        Enjoy your day in His blessings.


  15. Yes, with HIM all things are possible. He has gotten me through a devastating time in my life, and I just prayed for His strength and thanked Him for his blessings every day. I’ve been given the strength, and now I say “Thank You” every day.

    • Hello there,
      First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and reading my post. Also thank you for the good question. Here, I will try the best to answer the question. Actually, my secretary question was based on her distrust and doubt. So my answer is an answer to who doesn’t believe or need more proof. If the words still couldn’t convince us, the great way in let’s go back to the master handbook, the Holy Bible. There so many examples there that can convince us there is
      nothing impossible with God. The Bible contents is not a fairytale or a fiction story. Holy Bible contains the truth of God.
      He came as a witness to testify concerning the light, so that through Him all might believe. John 1:7

      Now while He was in Jerusalem at the Passover Festival, many people saw the signs He was performing and believed in His name. John 2:23

      I hope this will answering your question. Once again thank you for reading my post. Blessings 🙂

  16. We tend to gauge the size of a challenge or difficulty by our own strength. That makes many things look impossible. Our strength has limits. But nothing is impossible for God. We must learn to guage the size of the challenges facing us by His strength. Your post serves as a reminder of that, Karina. ❤

    • Dear, sister Anna
      what have you said was so true. often we doubt even don’t believe of God’s way that actually He is the way..Once again,thank you for your lovely comment,sis 🙂 God bless.

  17. All of these thoughts are very good, Karin. No, nothing is impossible with God. That means to me that He can do anything, period. Now, whether or not we can do anything and everything…that depends on if it is God’s will. If we remain faithful to God, and He wants us to succeed in something, I believe it will happen.

    Regardless, we must trust that His will for us will always be for our own good, whether we are successful at something or not. It is God’s will that is done in our lives…always! Again, another good post, sis!

    Enjoy your evening…


    • Thank you for your insightful comment on my post, brother. I do agree nothing impossible before God as long as He willing to make something impossible to be possible. Thank you, brother. God bless

      • Thanks as always for your daily support here, sis. May the Lord bless and keep you and your family happy and safe!

        Steve 🙂

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