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How To Get Motivated

Tonight I would like to share tips to keep motivated at work. As a Personal Assistant of very perfectionist and busy CEO, every day I always got so many task and the most of it should completed in very tight time. Sometimes it makes me getting a bit stress and uncomfortable. So to keep me motivated  I apply these ways

This is beneficial if you need to accomplish something within the deadline or when you want to finish some task that is not pleasant.

1. Clear up the clutter

Before any task, you should always make sure that your workplace is as de-cluttered as it can be.

By taking time to remove all the unnecessary items from your work environment you will make sure that you will not get distracted by anything during the time you spend on the task.

By leaving only the necessary things for the task you will not get any external energy that takes some of your focus. Every single object in your environment be it papers, books, clothing or anything else, emanates energy and you are the one absorbing it.

Unconsciously you pay attention to all of the objects that are near you, therefore when you remove most of them from your environment you will feel relief, easiness and you will become more positive.

2. Get rid of unnecessary and unrelated thoughts

This step is harder to accomplish, especially if you are not sure how to stop the thoughts from appearing in your mind.

You will notice that after accomplishing the first step some of the thoughts will naturally disappear, because you will not need to think about the things that were removed from your environment.

To eliminate the rest of the thoughts that are unrelated to the task you should write all of them down. This way they will not disturb you because they will be taken off your mind. You will be able to deal with them after the task.

If you still feel that you get some random thoughts in your mind (this happens when you need to accomplish many tasks in a short period of time) you should do some meditation. You can spend as little as 5-10 minutes sitting quietly and focusing on your breath.

Meditation will calm down your mind and even the most active thoughts will stop bothering you.

3. Make sure you are not disturbed

Even for those that claim they can better concentrate with the TV turned on or music playing in the background, it is still better to be in complete quietness whilst doing some important task.

This is because when you are working in a quiet environment your focus is entirely on the task. This gives maximum energy to the task because your energy is not wasted on anything unimportant. The more of your energy you give to the task, the quicker, more accurate and quality the results will be.

4. Align energy

That is the most important and the most overlooked step in getting motivated.

Aligning energy for the task means talking yourself into a complete focus on the task. It also means changing the view of the task into a more positive one. That is the step that is responsible for the biggest part of your motivation to accomplish the task.

You will need to use positive affirmations to align your energy. The words that you are going to use will depend on what kind of task you need to accomplish. I will use an example of affirmations when writing a business plan for a grant/loan.

Your affirmations to get motivated for the business plan should sound like/similar to:

“In 10 minutes I am going to completely focus on the writing of the business plan. This will be the best business plan I have ever written, I will make sure that every single detail of this plan is perfect so that I would be widely acknowledged for it.

I will enjoy the time of me writing this plan because I will invest all my abilities into it. I will enjoy writing this plan because I know that this is going to be a plan that will grant me the money that I am seeking.

I can see the success that this business plan is going to bring me, I see the image in my eyes of me getting the loan that I am seeking and I can see the awe in the eyes of those that are giving me the loan.

I cannot wait to start this plan. I am so excited and motivated because I can already feel the value that this business plan will provide to my business.

You should change the wording of these affirmations to the one that feels most natural and uplifting for you. The purpose of these affirmations is to make you more positive and willing to start the task.

When you say these affirmations try to visualize everything that you are talking about. This will help you get positive feelings out of the affirmations which in turn will give you confidence, motivation and positivity for the task.

The following steps are for keeping the energy high to complete the task. This is important because many people quit halfway through the project.

5. Enjoy the whole process

Your attitude whilst working on the task is what determines the final result of your work. When you are enthusiastic throughout the whole task, you will get impressive results.

When you are positive, you give positive energy to the task and that always gives positive results. The opposite is also true.

Sometimes it is hard to enjoy the process if you do not like the task that you need to accomplish. In such case you should use positive affirmations to get you into the positive state of mind.

When you feel that in the middle of the task you start getting negative, try to find the aspects of the task that you are happy about. Acknowledge the work you have already accomplished and look how great this task is turning out, look at the details of the task that you made perfect. This will lift your mood and you will become motivated to finish it.

6. Always be present

To be present during the task means to pay close attention to what you are doing. People are either present or unconscious of what they are doing. When they are unconscious it means that they are in their minds, they are so involved in the thinking process that they are unaware of what it happening around them.

It is quite dangerous to be in your mind whilst trying to stay motivated, because mostly people’s minds are ruled by the ego. So if this applies to you, it is likely that you will get some discouraging thoughts during the task. That will get you de-motivated to finish the task because you will be put off by the thoughts/silent voice in your mind.

You can avoid this by being present in every activity that you do. You should pay close attention to the task and this way you will not let any thoughts come in and distract you. By being present you will also give the full energy to the task, and that will result in the task being completed in the best possible way.

7. Take your time

You should take your time for every single detail of the project. Taking time equals getting quality results.

Rush creates chaos and negativity, it also makes you lose focus and start thinking from the lack mindset (when you think that there is not enough of something, in this case – time). This causes you to lower your vibration and that creates poor results.

8. Go that extra mile

When you accomplish the task in a way that surpasses your own expectations, it will give you extra satisfaction and happiness. By excelling in the task you will infuse much more positivity into your work and that will give you extra confidence and the ability to get motivated much faster in the future.

The better the results of the task are, the more likely you are to accomplish another task in the same way. You should not overestimate the benefits that this step brings.

These last steps will help you become motivated for future tasks. They will also build up your ability to get motivated in increasingly shorter time periods.

9. Rest if you are tired

Just a little note about what to do if you get tired throughout the task. If that happens (and it will if the task takes time) you should take a break until you feel that you have enough energy to finish it. When you want to start the task again, you should go through the same steps as for preparing to start the task and never forget to align the energy as this is the most important step.

If you do not rest although you are tired, your results will be of worse quality and you may even get discouraged to finish the task. Suddenly the task may seem overwhelming to you and you may get demotivated to complete it. This step will encourage you to be more eager towards future tasks because you will notice that if you get proper rest you can accomplish any task.

10. Notice the feeling you get after you accomplish the task

When you stop for a little while and acknowledge the feeling of satisfaction you get after completing the task, next time it will be much easier to get motivated. This is because it will be easier to recall the feeling of happiness and relief you get after the task is completed.

This is a simple yet widely overlooked step. In general, when you feel good you should try to really pay attention to how it feels and acknowledge this great feeling. The more you focus on great feelings, the more of them you will experience.


If followed properly, these steps will definitely increase your ability to get motivated no matter what you need the motivation for.

the best way to get motivated is out of natural inspiration but sometimes the circumstances and time constrains do not allow this. In such case these steps will really speed up your motivation.

 Cited from 10 Step To Get Motivated, By Simona Rich