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My Life Reflection




When we feel tired and discouraged because of our hard work and efforts are not succeed,Godknowsthatwe‘ve been trying so hard.

When we cry and our heart devastated because sadness, God’s counting every drop of our tears.

When we feel life is full of uncertainty and having to wait in a very long time. God waits with us.

When we think that we‘ve tried every way, but we still find a dead end, Godfaithfullybe with usto find the best wayto out.

When everything is good and a lot of things that makes us grateful,itproves God has beenshore us up.

Whensomething pleasurablehappens, that momentGodwas smilingon us.

My dear friends, alwaysrememberthatwhereverweare andwhateverwe face, Godknowseverything.Do noteverfeel aloneanddiscouragedbecauseGodknowseverything thathappenedinour life.NotsimplyknowsbutGodprovides away outandanswereverytussle.

Godhave nevertoo lateto helpus. Allwill bebeautiful in His time.


Photo sources : guardian-of-nature.deviantart.com