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God is The Greatest Conductor

The ConductorOn the last Saturday, My fiancé and I spend time to visiting the orchestra rehearsal that would perform on our wedding reception later. I am so surprised and excited to see the rehearsal process.  They play a hymn song “To God be the Glory” (Special request from meJ). I immediately drift in by the music that they play. They play with full of expression and looks very clear they really animates it song. Under the direction of the conductor, the orchestra delivered a beautiful sounds and melodies. I really feel the dynamic of it song. Up and down, softness and loudness, very nicely tempo changes, etc. They can bring the soul of the song very well.

There is something I imagine from that Orchestra. What would be happen if they play without a conductor? Oh! I really can’t imagine it! In the orchestra, a conductor plays an important role. Base on his full scores, He led and guided many musicians to play together so that they can play a beautiful music and the whole musicians submissive and comply with the conductor’s directions.

My mind drifted farther. I illustrate an orchestra like our lives and the conductor is our God. My friends, do you realize that in daily lives we have a greatest conductor? And we all are the musicians? Yes! God is our Conductor and He is the greatest conductor in the whole universe. He just not arranged but even He created us and our lives become a wonderful song. He gives us the dynamic of life. Sometimes He takes us into a difficult time, where there are a lot of sadness and tears. But in another time He gives us beautiful moments of life when we really feel His incredible blessing and His loving kindness and eventually our live become a wonderful music under His directions.

There is something interesting in an orchestra; each musician put a big trust on the conductor.  The musicians strongly believe that the conductor will lead and direct them so they together will provide a beautiful music. Furthermore, when they play their instruments, they read and follow the sheet music that has been provided and they should not be playing a melody in the outside of the sheet music. The whole musician will be obeying, follow the scores and every single order or instruction from the conductor.

So do with us, like an orchestra musicians, we should put a big trust in God. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding”. (Proverb 3:5). We have to believe that God will lead and direct our lives. Not only that; we should to obey and follow His words and commands. Psalm said: “I run in the pat h of your commands, for you have broadened my understanding.” (Psalm 119:32). And ultimately, like music, our lives will be end up beautifully when the time comes.

Well my dear friends, have we ever imagined if in this life we do not have someone to guide and give us a direction? As a Christian, we have to be grateful because we have Lord Jesus Christ and His words as a guide. Whether we believe in God as the conductor of our lives? We should! Let us always embed in our hearts and minds that we have a greatest conductor and He always led and guided our lives to become the most wonderful music of life. And as His child, we have to put a big trust in Him, obey and follow all of His words and commands. He is the greatest conductor of our life. Amen.



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A story of music conductor


This story inspired by a sermon that I had heard some time ago. I tried to create it into a short story.

At the end of a classical music concert. The audience stood up and applauded. Conductor of the orchestra got a tremendous standing ovation. But there is somethingunusual. The conductor did not immediately respond the terrific standing applause. Hejust stood up not pay homage tothe audience. The audience kept clapped loudly. The orchestra player getting a bit confused.

Conductor’s eyes swept across the concert hall. He’s looking for something. And finally his eyes fixed on the rear seat. There is someone there. And old man with white hair. The conductorstaredintothe old man.  Not long after, the old man smiled and nodded from a distance.  The conductorsmiled back and nodded too.  Then, soon helookedaround to the concert hall. He bowed a moment to salute the audience.

After the concert, the conductor assistant came and asks him…

“What happens toyou, sir?  You are not goingto salutethe audience. Is there something wrong? “

The Conductor smiled and said “Ok… Now I am going to tell you why. Actually I don’t have the courage to do so, because there is someone who more worthy than me that should get laud from the audience. He is my music teacher. Because of him I could be a good music conductor. He form andteach mewith all his heartand patience. He nevercomplained orangrywhenI often makea mistake.  I just dare a salute to the audience after he smiled and nodded. Ido notdare toprecedehim “

.” The essence of the story is, we should stay humble despite the successes we’ve achieved. We should keep our feet on the ground because the world is filled with many talented people whom exceed our own capabilities. We should also realize that we owe our successes to others who continue to support and motivate us throughout our journey. Lastly and the most important key is, God is the one who helps and gives us everything in our lives. Therefore we should remember that and do not take things for granted.

Author : Karina Susanto