Keep Positive Thinking

Hello, dear readers! How’s you going? I hope and pray everything going okay with all of you. I grateful to God today I have a bit time to post a new post. This time I just want to share wise words that I got from (once again) from my mom. Coincides with my parents’ new restaurant that will officially opened in December, my mom gave me a photo containing wise words about positive thinking. Here it is…

Karina – Living by faith

Rebecca Fong

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75 thoughts on “Keep Positive Thinking

    • Dear, sister Julie.
      How are you. It’s been awhile not read your post 🙂 Thank you very much, sister. I pray everything is okay with you and family. God Bless. Have a wonderful weekend.

  1. At this time of you, when we count our blessings, you are one of the people I am glad to know is in the world. Your faith is like a clear, shining like, Karina. May God bless you richly. ❤

    • Dear, sister Anna
      Thank you very much for your delightful words, sister. I am just an ordinary woman but blessed by God extraordinarily. I am grateful too have you as a sister in Christ 🙂 Thank you and God Bless.

    • Hello there..
      Thank you very much for visiting and following my blog. It was a great honor to me..also thank you very much for the link of your post..Will check it out soon. Thank you and God Bless.

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