A Letter from Mother

Hello, my dear friend! In this mother’s day I wanted to share something that changed my life. Well, when I was a teenager I had a little problem with my mother. We had a less harmonious relationship. After celebrating my 17th birthday, she came to my room brought a small box of gift and a letter. At the time she said, “Here’s a special birthday gift from me and this is a letter that I have written quite long time. I just waiting for the right moment to give this letter to you. My princess, I realize we have a bit problem with our relationship but I as your mother, I deeply understand and always struggling to make our relationship better. I hope and pray, when you read this letter you will understand too and also want to make a better relationship with me.”

At first I wasn’t interested in reading my mother’s letter, but somehow I felt there was a very strong urge to open and read the letter. Then I read it. My dear friends, after I finished read my mom’s letter, I cannot hold my cry. Then I ran to my mom, I hugged her tightly, and along with my crying I said, “Mom, please forgive me…Please forgive me… I love you, mom! I love you…”

My beloved readers, after my mother granted me a permission, I want to share her letter to all of you. I hope and pray this letter could be a reminder to all of us that figure of mother is incredible figure in this world. There’s always unseen tears in the mother’s heart, there’s a pain behind her smile, and there’s fatigue behind her eyes. But she never complained. She chose to hide her sadness behind her sweet smile, she chose hide her tears behind her shining eyes, she chose to hide her pain behind her laugh, she chose bring her hurt into prayer. Here’s my mom letter,

To my little princess,

When I was married, I never thought about what kind of child I want to have, I never thought how to care for and the way I raise my child. I just live my life.

When I gave birth you, I was experiencing a terrible pain that equal with the broken body bones at the same time. I felt a pain beyond the pain that any man in this world can bear. I almost give up! But for the sake of to see you born and live in this world, I struggled against the threat of fear of the death. I risked my own life for you.

When I saw and hugged you for the first time, I was speechless. There was only a deep sense of emotion, and unstoppable happy tears and proud came out from my eyes. You know, at the time no matter how hard and difficult, I immediately promised to myself and to God I will take care and raise you with both of my hands.

It wasn’t easy to raise you. It wasn’t so easy to made you grows. It wasn’t a simple matter teaches you many important things about life. Not infrequently when you were angry at me, you even yelled at me. But it doesn’t matter at all. For me, it all was a part of process toward a goodness. A process to form you to be good.

When you felt grown up, you felt restricted. You should not do this and that. You think I’m old-fashioned, out of date, and unable to understand what you want. When we were walking together, you choose to keep distance from me. Maybe you as grow up girl, you felt ashamed still walking with her mother, or you just didn’t like my dress that I wore

To be honest, in the deepest of my heart I sometime felt hurt! But when I remember the first time I hugged and carried you, my hurt immediately vanished. You are still my one and only daughter. Whatever happens I love you and will always love you. You’re my reason to keep survive, and beside God you’re the source of my strength. You’re the one who makes me willing to work hard all day long even though I have to feel sorrow, pain, and suffering. Because of your presence I feel so meaningful especially when I hear you call me, mother!

My dear princess, maybe the time of my presence in this world is limited. If you work hard and success, you don’t need to give me a luxurious palace and an abundant wealth. Keep it for yourself. I just hope and pray you’re willing to set aside a bit your time for me. Sitting beside me and talks heart to heat is enough for me.

I’m so proud of you. Please forgive me if I once hurt you, scolded you, forbade you to do what you want to do. Believe me, it’s all just because I want you to be a good girl and fear to God. I always love you, yesterday, now and forever.

My beloved readers, I end this post with a poem for my mother

God has given me a disguise Angel with a strong wings and a gold heart,

She so selfless, so giving as she can be, she shares her mercy without thinking about herself

She risked her own life for the sake of my safety

She is so faithful, wise, and so kind.

She gives a never ending love and unstoppable prayer for a reason I always fine

God has given me a blessing a tremendous hero all the time,

And I am so proud call the angel, Mother!

Happy mother’s day, Mom. Please forgive me. I always love you, yesterday, now, and forever.

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?

Though she may forget, I will not forget you! (Isaiah 49:15)

Karina – Living by faith

Rebecca Fong.

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70 thoughts on “A Letter from Mother

  1. Your post brought tears to my heart. I’d say you and your mom had a great relationship. God bless you and enjoy this special day❤️

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  2. This brought tears to my eyes. My own wonderful mother has gone to her reward. But I know we will be reunited in heaven. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message, Karina. May God bless you and your mother both. ❤

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  4. 🌷Reading this beautiful letter and your response in poem, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing a very private moment. A mother’s love is priceless!

    Reminding me of my precious angel and the love she instilled. She’s resting in peace now, awaiting our Lord’s call to awaken. I’m looking forward to seeing her again. She was the one to tell me to always look forward… love is a precious gift.
    God bless you both in your continual love for one another.

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    • Hello there,
      Your are welcome 🙂 Thank you so much for reading my post also put a beautiful comment. I agree with you, Mother’s love is priceless and irreplaceable. Once again thank you very much and God Bless to you and your family.

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  5. This is so beautiful Karina! Your mother really does sound like an angel. This post reminds me that even though we may disagree with our mothers or want to be independent, they are such a treasured gift in our lives not to be taken for granted. God bless you and your mother, my sister in Christ!

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    • Dear sister in Christ, Emily
      Thank you very much for reading and put a wonderful response on m post. Yes, mother is such a great treasured gift in our lives 🙂 God Bless to you too, Emily 🙂

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    • Hello my sweet friend, Lauren
      Your are welcome, Lauren. I’m glad could share something valuable though it something private 🙂 How are you? I hope and pray everything is going well with you and family. Happy Mother’s day to you too. God Bless.

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      • My family and I are doing well. We are still not in our new home, but we hope to be at the beginning of June. So we are excited! This has definitely been a year of growth and learning how to trust in the Lord. Thank you for asking and always sharing encouraging words to build up the body of Christ 😊 Oh and I’ve been praying about what to write next, and I remembered you emailing me a long time ago about the Trinity. I hope to either write about that next or 2 posts from now.


        • Hello, Lauren..
          Thank you for your reply. I keep pray for your new home could be finish timely. How’s your work? Oh I can’t wait to read your post about trinity 😄 Lauren, once again thank you for your reply..keep pray for you and all of you beloved family. God Bless.


          • Work is going really well. I’ve enjoyed learning how to become a teacher and finding that I can be creative. It’s been amazing going to God about my students and getting ideas from Him. Also, I’ve made a step towards getting a teaching license in ESL so I hope to find out more about that next week. Please pray about the Trinity post. I want to be so careful and for the Lord to guide it. Thank you, Karina, for your kindness and encouragement 😊


  6. What a mum, kept my tears. Younger kids thinking their parents are against them. As they grow they will know whatever they said them was for their good. Love this post.

    Love you mum.

    Thanks Karina

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  7. Karina,
    This is absolutely a beautiful, wonderful, heart felt post. I, quite frankly, identify with your mom’s thoughts for my own children at times and feel the push and pull that both of you feel and sense! Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely, encouraging post, Karina! May the Lord richly bless you, and your mother!!

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  8. Thank you for your transparency in sharing your personal heartfelt love from your mother.
    I find it very admirable that you are teachable and receive the wisdom that your godly mother has to impart (Proverbs 1:9, 6:20,31:1).
    Someone has said, “Those who receive the wise instructions of their godly parents, add grace and beauty to their character as a strand of pearls adorns your neck.”

    You are blessed!


    • Dear, Ginnyporter
      You are welcome. I thank you for the encouraging and Lovely response on my post. Yes, actually God bless me a wonderful angel as my mother. Once again thank you very much. God Bless.


  9. Hey. Our offspring will probably perceive us as old fashion too. They may even someday sense that they have become like their parents– hopefully in a positive way. Nice post, Karina. Peace.


    • hello there…
      thank you very much for your lovely comment. Yes that’s right. Our children well grows old like their parents and as you said, hopefully in a positive way. Once again thank you very much 🙂 God Bless.


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