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HE IS THE ANSWER - Karina's Thought


Almost every day before go to the office I always hear a live piano music that played by my little foster sister, Sandra. One day, I spent more time to watch her plays her beloved white grand piano. I am amaze watch her fingers sprightly pressing each piano keys. While I enjoying a beautiful piece of a classical music,  my eyes stared to a series of piano strings that hit by small and soft hammers. To could produce beautiful notes, piano strings must be hit. There are times the strings hit one by one but also there are times some strings hit at the same time. There are times the strings hit softly but often hit very hard.

Don’t know why when I saw the piano strings, suddenly I am thinking about  my personal life that recently  is like piano strings .  Lately I hit by some serious problems that come at the same time. One of my big problem was that I have shared in my previous post (They Could Find no Charge) I feel being in a situation like a tangled thread that very difficult to disentangle, also it seems I am walking in the endless dark tunnel that there’s no light at all.

Yesterday evening, after we read the bible and prayer together, my husband asked me to once again to open our bible and read 1 Samuel 30:1-25. This Bible passage tells the story of David facing very difficult situation but successfully came out as a winner in the very short time. At the time David and his troops reached Ziklag that had attacked and burned by the Amalekites. Although no one was killed, but the women and everyone else both young and old being captivate by the Amalekites. The problem wasn’t stop there. It is written that David was greatly distressed for the people spoke of stoning him, because the all people were grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. (Verse 6a-b) My husband asked me to imagine David’s situation at the time. Not only the afraid of seeing the whole town burned down, not just sad to see women and children taken captive even his two wives, but he also had to face the people who are ready to kill him by stoning because they anger the enemies deprived their wives and children. David had to face the entire hard situation in the moment. Then my husband said, “Maybe David’s situation was similar with your current situation but let’s see what David’s reaction was and what he did to handle his problems. I strongly believe you will get something.”  It turns out David wasn’t discouraged and faltered at all. He wasn’t disappointed to God though what he faced was extremely hard and didn’t know how to solve it all if he relying on his own strength. The bible very clearly says what David’s reaction was and what he did.

But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. (Verse 6c)

That was the choice made by David as his reaction to all the problems he faced.

What happened next was very incredible. From the dusk till the evening he was destroying the Amalekites. Except four hundred young men who fled by camel, there was no one of them escaped. Then all had carried away by Amalekites recovered successfully by David also rescued his two wives. (Verse 17-20) David was successful overcome the problems that came insistently.  My husband asked me again to think deeper about what was David’s successful key. Then I got one big thing that made David successful overcome his problems. Although David was the king with many troops, he still realized that as human being he had many limitations and then he took the right decision. He decided to not rely on his own ability but he simply relies on God who has power above of all. He fully understood and believed that God’s power is able to overcome everything and he also was sure that there is nothing impossible with God. David strengthens his faith and belief to God.

Indeed the Bible doesn’t describe in detail how David strengthens his faith and belief in God but at least from this story we could know David had a life style  that always totally cling to God and we could know that he always rely on God not on his own strength and ability. David said:

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. (Psalm 18:2)

This clearly illustrates how strong David relies on God and how much his trust and hope to God. In the other verse he also said:

For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God? (Psalm 18:31)

His life experiences formed him in such a way to have a very strong faith and really know exactly who is God.

My beloved friends, maybe this time you have very hard time like me. Maybe our lives today is like “piano strings” and maybe it makes us disappointed, upset, frantic, angry, and confused. To digest the situation has been so difficult let alone to thinking about the solution. This evening please allow me to encourage all of us to always remember that we have God who really loves us.  We have God as a place to rely on, always be with us, and will never allow us to suffer alone. Heavier the burden we face, harder the storm hit us it means we should be more aware to build relationship that hold strong in God. My problems not been completed and maybe so it is with you now. Maybe now we haven’t seen the answer of our prayers, but I encourage all of us to always remember and embed in the deepest of our heart that there is always answer from God and He will surely answer our cry.

When we say: “God, I am really afraid to live this life”, God reminds us: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

When we say: “I’m too tired to face life’s problems.” Jesus replied:” Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

At the moment we said: “I couldn’t possibly do this. Too hard for me” then Jesus answered: “you can. For with God nothing is impossible.” (Luke 1:37)

When we ask: “can you help to overcome my problems” He answered:  “if you can? Everything is possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23)

We are feeling alone and lonely facing all burdens, Gently Jesus promised: “I am with you always, even to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20)

When we doubt about God’s plan in our lives, firmly God said, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

At the moment we feel that we couldn’t bear the life temptation, God said to us: “but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able…” (1Corinthians 10:13)

If we say: “God I need the light to go through this dark tunnel” Jesus said to us: “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in the darkness, but have the light of life” (John 8:12)

My beloved blog friend, Lauren, said that “as Christians we are not guaranteed a problem-free life.” Yes I do agree with her. There are times our lives like a piano strings that must be hit to produce a beautiful music notes. Sometime we need to be “hit” as well in order to be strong, not spoiled, not easily shaken, not easily discouraged and give up. There are times we have to face shocks in life. There are times we feel so tired even reached the lowest point in life and began to lose the spirit of life. There are times we face the storm of life and it’s all been, still, and we will remain experiencing at the certain times. But we don’t have to afraid and worry because we have God who always with us, who always help us, always hears our cry, and He also gives us the answers and ways to overcome our problems. If God help and made David successfully overcome his problems at the time, likewise with us now because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) Let’s start to not always focus on the problems but let’s change our focus and rely on God. Don’t allow our feelings controlled by fear, anxiety, doubt, and uncertainty. From the beginning God has promised us:

And the LORD, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.” (Deuteronomy 31:8)

  Hold this promise tightly in our lives. We just need to be patient and cast my entire burden to God as written in Psalm 55:22,

Cast your burden on the LORD, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved. (Psalm 55:22)

We too must walk in unwavering faith because Jesus remains us:

“Do not be afraid; only believe.” (Mark 5:36)

Like David did, let’s make “always lean on God” become our lifestyle.  If this time we still have a lot of problems that difficult to be resolved, don’t be afraid and worry, hold our hands to God, cast all burden of life to Him, God will always be ready to lend a hand to help and guided us.  There’s always an answer in Jesus because He is the answer and like piano strings that produce a beautiful music notes, our lives will be beautiful because He has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11) Amen.

Karina – Living by faith

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86 thoughts on “He Is The Answer

  1. “To could produce beautiful notes, piano strings must be hit.” What a lovely picture Karina. And you got me thinking. How each string is unique in that piano. How each string is stretched so tight. How each string is tuned to be precisely the note is must be.
    How we each seek to be unique – to be “us”. How we want everyone to fit n with us. How we desire to become more together than we are alone. Yet when we are “unique” – when are tuned perfectly to be who we are – we look around and think everyone should be the same as me. That all the difference and uniqueness gets in the way of “our” living a better life in a better world with better people.
    You and our Father have reminded me that there is little point is living to be “who I am meant to be” – if I do not allow others the same freedom!
    Thank you ((hugs))

    • Dear, brother Paul.
      Been long time not read your awesome comment on my posts. And now you make me thinking about life and piano. You give me another philosophy in life..I promise to keep your great thought in heart and mind. This not just a thought but rather to a important lesson about life especially my personal life. Brother, thank you very much for this great honor to learn important value of life. God bless you, brother. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Excellent reminders of God’s work in our lives. I love the illustration of the piano strings. Our lives may be very tight at times, but not to break but to make a beautiful noise for God. Thanks for sharing Karina!

  3. My dear inspiration. .
    Thank you very much for mentioning my name in your post. I strongly agree Jesus is the answer of everything we ask for and His answers are always true. I will try to compose a piece of music which talk about this topic. Love you, sister.

  4. And God is the One who fine tunes us and makes our lives bearable. Prayers for you, my friend, in your difficulties. May God bring you comfort and peace.

  5. Thank you, Karina, for this wonderful post. Your words reminded me that through our trials, others might hear music. Your message was truly like beautiful music to me.

    • Dear, sister Heidi
      You are much welcome 🙂 Thank yoi very much for your uplifting comment. Just hope and pray this post could be blessing to those who in the hard times. God bless, sis.

  6. Great analogy to inspire us to tune into the Bible rather than sing blues songs,” take drugs or alcohol, to escape realities we all will face at certain times in our lives.

    Regards and goodwilll blogging

    • Dear, brother Rudy.
      Thank you very much for the lovely comment, brother 🙂 Go into th God’s word is the very best way get best solution to overcome our problems 🙂 Thank you and God bless.

  7. Karin…what a great story! Yes, life does seem like piano hammers hitting on the strings of our lives, yet it doesn’t always make a joyful sound! No doubt we can take a lesson from David not to panic or fret, we need to go to God for a “boost of strength” to help us through.

    Another excellent story, sis! I like the way you and your husband go to God’s word for study and answers to life’s struggles! I am proud of you and your examples of faith and devotion!


    • Hello, brother.
      Thank you very much for the lovely comment 🙂 Yes, go to the God’s word is the best way to find out the way to overcome our problems. World offers many worldly ways but still as Christians we have to go back to the core 🙂 Thank you and God bless, brother 🙂

      • Very well put, sis! Jesus is the “core” of life. He has the answers to eternal life which on one else has. We must urn to Him for our answers. He is the vine and we are the branches. We draw life from Him…

        Have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow, Karin. And good luck with the business problems!

        Steve 🙂

  8. “Let’s start to not always focus on the problems but let’s change our focus and rely on God.”
    So true, Karina. When we take our focus off God, we focus on the small annoyances and allow them to get bigger; we focus on the anger and allow it to become resentment and hate; we focus on our lack and allow it to become jealousy and envy. When we focus on God, we see things through His eyes. Small annoyances disappear into oceans of grace; anger melts before the warmth of forgiveness; lack is buried by the abundance of blessings. The eyes of God’s love see in focus.

    • Dear, sister Susan.
      Thank you very much for your valuable thing to ponder. Thank you very for thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it and it will become my other lesson. God bless you 🙂

    • Dear, Lauren.
      Hello, sweet friend! How are you there? Hope and prau everything going well with you 🙂 quite been long time we aren’t talk. Thank you for your lovely comment. Have a blessed Sunday.

  9. A beautiful and moving post, Karina, especially since you are going through a difficult time. I will remember that piano keys must be hit. I hope and pray that God will resolve your problem soon. ❤

    • Dear, sister Anna
      Thank you very much for the lovely comment 🙂 yes like piano strings must be hit to produce a beautiful tunes.. As well as our lives sometime must hit by the problems to produce a beautiful life at the end with God. Thank you very much for your prayer 🙂 God bless.

  10. I’m so sorry Karina you are going through this Storm and yes as my own life testifies, it is not always easy but God promises us that He will be with us and give us His Strength to endure, as we see confirmed in the Scriptures below.

    Isaiah 43:1-3 – Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you. For I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour.”

    Jeremiah 29 :11-12 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a Future and a Hope.

    Lamentations 3: 33 For God doth not afflict willingly nor grieve the Children of Men.

    It is True Karina that in his early years King David was a man after God’s own heart but we can see that he did not obey God or put Him first right through his life. Before he wrote the Scriptures you shared, he held onto bitterness towards his first wife because she laughed at him and he would not have Marital physical relations with her which than lead him into Sin by him marrying Pagan woman which God had told the Israelites they were not to do. David later committed Adultery again with Bathsheba and than he arranged for her husband to be killed but David came to True heart repentance and asked God to do what we see below in the song on YouTube, it’s a wonderful Hope we all have for a New Start.

    “Christ”ian Love and Blessings – Anne.

    • Dear, sister Anne
      Thank you very much for the encouraging bible verses and further story of David. Oh also for the YouTube link 🙂 I strongly believe it all could strengthen me so much 🙂 Thank you and God bless.

  11. Hi sis! How are you doing? Hope everything is going very well. Are you watching the Olympics at all? I don’t know if you are sports fans, or have any interest in the games. You know, many things the athletes do are things which Christians should be doing.

    They focus on a goal and totally dedicate their lives to the attainment of those goals. We as Christians must focus on Jesus and heaven as our goal. Yes we need to take care of many other things in the world, but we must keep Jesus as our top priority.

    Anyway, enough preaching…Lol. Take a moment just to say hi whenever you get the chance. God bless you and your family, Karin!


    • Hello bro!
      I am doing good. As always busy as mommy, wife and the office employee 🙂 Well, I love sport especially swimming pool. No matter I stay, there should be a pool 🙂 but for the Olympic event I do not really pay attention on it. Yes Christians is like an athlete who always focus on his race and should reach the goal. I thank you for your short preaching that remind me to always focus on Jesus. Thank you and God bless, bro.

      • You are one of my very favorite people here, Karin. We have shared many messages over the past couple of years or so, and we have learned some good things about each other.

        I enjoy the swimming and the gymnastics in the Olympics, but am a baseball and American football fan otherwise.

        I can imagine you are always busy with handling some sort of personal or business responsibility! You always have a busy schedule to attend to…

        Keep your focus on the Lord as the top priority in your life. Do what the Lord asks of you in His word and add nothing to it nor take anything away from it. Worship as God has instructed, not man. This will always be right in the sight of God!

        Take care tonight, Karin, and have a wonderful day tomorrow…

        Bro. Steve 🙂

  12. Hi, sis! Hope you had a good day! How is everything going with work and family? Are you finding any time to reflect in the scriptures and in prayer? It’s important to keep that going too. Hope you have a great evening and day tomorrow…

    Bro. Steve 🙂

    • Hello, brother
      Yes.. Thank you to God everything is going well both family and work 🙂 Thank you very much for your attention. Oh about read and reflect the scriptures, yes every day I and my husband always spend our time to read, ponder and ended with pray together three of us. Though Andrew has not understood but we always take him to our “bible time” we are strongly believe Andrew can hear what we read and discuss and then at the time he will understand 🙂 Also once a month we held a prayer group in my house with our Board of Directors and some of company staff.
      Have a blessed day to you,brother. God bless 🙂

  13. Amen. Thank you for the encouragement and for whatever you are going through the Lord will give you the grace to overcome and come out stronger.

  14. You are blessed in your life to have a good man at your side.
    Though we have to live through difficulties, our lives are as a thin mist .Gone quickly.
    Eternity faces us. Eternity in Christ already embraces us.

  15. Thank you for this reassuring word, I pray the Lord will encourage you too. It is so reassuring to know that we can encourage ourselves in the Lord by reflecting on what He has done, and what He is yet to do.

  16. Much of the positive in my life has been attributed to my being able to lean on God’s shoulder. Otherwise, I would have despaired and been lost long ago. I pray for more positive elements regarding your situation. And that all will be well. Peace.

  17. Good evening, sis! Haven’t dropped you a line in a few days, hope all is going well with you and family. Just wanted to let you know the spine surgeon told me no surgery! That’s the good news. Now, I have to see what they call a “Pain Management” doctor to see what treatments may help control the pain. Here we go again!

    Oh well, guess I should be thankful that I have these options available to me. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, Karin, they are always appreciated. Take care and enjoy your day.

    God love and bless you and your loving family…

    • Hello,brother
      I am doing good and everything is going well. Just quite hectic this week. Many important schedule should to complete. I am so glad heard about the result that you did not need to take surgery. God is so Good. Oh, I know what is “Pain Management” One of my Parents Health Care Center provide this way. “PM” is non surgical treatment special for treating all types of pain, including musculoskeletal, spinal and neuropathic pain disorders. This is a good way to handle and take control pain without surgery. This treatment will be taken especially for ( I am sorry) those who quite old and will have a bit risk when should take a surgery 🙂 Keep prayer for your next medical “PM” treatment. I strongly believe God will give the best result for your health condition. God Bless,brother.

      • Aw, Karin, you do not offend me because I am getting older. The surgeon, however, is not doing surgery because of my age, actually I am kind of young for it. But also, he believes my problems will be better treated with “PM.”

        We will see, I have to get an appt. with a PM doctor and go over my options with him/her. Keep me in your prayers, as I always appreciate that!

        I hope your day went well and you accomplished what needed to get done at work. You are counted on for so many things, I hope it doesn’t become too much for you!

        May God bless you and your entire family, sis!

        Steve 🙂

  18. Karina, what you share always come from your selfless genuine heart and full of the living word which inspires, making us all to blossom within. God is always near to us at all times and I shall never forget the life-force which he shares all. especially those who hear His spirits voice and choose to emulate and follow his ways. I will never forget the one who gave me life, as he is my necessity in this world and in my life and the life of all my brothers and sisters. Thank you always! God bless you and your family, and God will always stand with all of you.

    I Shall Not Forget You

    I shall not forget You
    All the days of my life,
    And when I do, my last
    Thought shall be of You.

    In my dreams I shall
    Think of You, and my
    Heart shall nourish upon
    Every thought, and I
    Shall thank You everyday
    Of this my life.

    When I awaken in the
    Morning to the singing
    Of birds, I shall happily
    Smile, for I will know
    That You alone have watched
    over me keeping me safe.

    My mouth shall be always
    Full of praise for You,
    For in this life no one,
    Has ever been closer to
    Me than You, my Lord.

    And if I shall die this
    Day, never again feeling Your
    Warmth, please remember my

    That I loved You Lord,
    With all the strength
    Of my heart, my soul,
    My mind, and my spirit
    While I was alive in this

    • Dear, brother Wendell
      I am so proud of you and I so honor you gave me a poem. What a such beautiful poem 🙂 Thank you so much, brother. Yes our God Father is always near to us and always stand firm beside us, and even He walk before us to protect us. Once again thank you very much for your loving kindness 🙂 God bless.

  19. Yes, God is the ultimate answer for all things good and bad in our lives. We are better off when we share both the happy and the bad times with Him. He stands by us at ALL times!!


  20. I have reflected previously on the verse “But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God”. God’s strength is available to everyone. We just need to choose to go to Him. Thank you for this beautiful post!

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