Convinced Beyond Sight!

God loves enough to keep giving us chance after chance to get it right. Miss a beat when influenced by Satan, and you may never get another chance to receive God’s forgiveness. Yes, I’m convinced beyond anything I know or see–no evil or wickedness in high places–The White House, the court house, or any other place, shall ever separate us from the Love of God! Our God Reigns victoriously and when we endure, standing firm on our faith in Him, we will see the victory! Amen! A Great post of my new blog friend Maryhallrayford. Worth to read and ponder.


“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38,39 NIV)

How convinced are we of the truth of God’s Word? When I look at the things going in our society today, where it appears that Satan’s reign is winning against God, I begin to understand what Paul is saying.

I understand that our faith in God’s Word is not based upon what we see, but on what He says–no matter how things look.

It looks like those living in opposition to God’s Word are negating the rights of those who live according to The Word.

It looks like there are judges who do not understand their…

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9 thoughts on “Convinced Beyond Sight!

  1. So much we do not see. I still am waiting for the time though, that we can see. He did it for the Israelites in the form of a cloud hovering over them. He showed himself to Moses, Elijah and others. He promised that we would be able to do greater things than what he did when he was visiting this earth. When will we be able to FEEL his power, really feel it. I long to be that close. Was thinking about you told and wanted to say hello. Hope you have a great day. meghan

    • Dear Meghan,
      Thank you very much for the such great thought on my reblogged post. Also thank you spent time thinking about me and say hello. You are so kind. By the way, what about you. How’s your day? Hope and pray you have a wonderful and blessed day too.

      • I am doing good. The weekend is coming. Although we are going to get slammed with another foot of snow. As for my relationships, I have good days and bad days. It is like a rollercoaster. I feel like I am two people, the one who encourages others, and the one who is a mess and needs encouragement. Thank you for being there and encouraging me when I need to be picked up. Meghan

        • Hello dear,
          Thank you for your reply. Well, that is a life. As you said, like a rollercoaster. sometimes I also experienced the same thing. I just always pray to God to give me strength and wisdom to undergo all of these 🙂 Whatever your problem, I will keep pray for you and your life. That is what a friend are for 🙂 Have a blessed weekend to you,Meghan.

  2. The idea of second– even third or more– chances is inspirational enough to get oneself on the right track. We are but humans, who sometimes in our weakness fall from grace– even if temporarily. I know I’m indebted for that second chance. And it’s because of my faith, my human side might go astray again, but the power of prayer will set me straight again. Many thanx for your post to that link. Peace.

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