NOT JUST (A poetry for someone special)

I am not just a candle on a beautiful chandelier, not just a beautiful fragrant white flowers, nor a beautiful words of wisdom. But I am definitely a daughter of our Father in Heaven who blessed by Him amazingly. I am just an ordinary God’s child but with an extraordinary blessings from Him. Thank you to God You gave me one more year to live this life with Your blessings, grace, compassion, and wisdom. Thank you for Your unconditional love.
On my Birthday today, I Got a special gift from my beloved sister in Christ Sella Irene. She wrote a beautiful poem as my birthday gift. Big thanks to sister Sella. May God bless you abundantly and always used by God to spread fragrance of God’s word through your awesome blog. To all my dear reader, please allow me again to encourage you to visit, follow and read her beautiful posts. Many blessings to all of you. I love you all.

Beautiful Words

NOT JUST A poetry for someone special (1)

If like a candle… 

You are not just an aroma candle for ornament the royal banquet table for the kings

that radiate a light on  a grand silver chandelier.


But you also willing to light upon the wooden table in a modest hovel,

where your light is so meaningful there.

Willing to melt just for the sake of accompany a fatherless and motherless children  who are learning to reach their future.

If like a flower… 

You are not just an epitome of gracefulness and elegance.


But you are a clump of blooming white roses,

that grows in the garden of the each human heart who need love.

Spreading fragrance down to the hidden corner and brings tranquility in her tenderness.


If like a word… 

Your are not just the words of wisdom that engraved on the gold placard.


But your are HIS overt…

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49 thoughts on “NOT JUST (A poetry for someone special)

  1. “She wrote a beautiful poem as my birthday gift.” – and the words of which we should all embrace and take as our own! This is truly Beautiful Karina – and to share this tender moment between both of you – that is truly Precious!

    • Dear brother in Christ, Paul..
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment 🙂 I love to make true close relationship with many people though we are separated by thousands of miles. Thank you for reading her beautiful poem. Many blessings to you.

  2. Happy Birthday Karina, I hope it was special for you, now if I had known I also would have done something for you to as a reminder of your Birthday but it’s never too late… what about a Power point, you can pick the focus ,a Flower or an Animal a Landscape, the Ocean, Mothers , Babies etc and a theme like Love Hope, Joy, etc what ever you want, it would give me Joy to create it for you Karina and it would be a reminder that you are special to me as I’m sure you are to many others.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

    • Hello dear sis Anne,
      Thank you so much for the greeting. Ooh it is such a great honor you willing to do something for me related on my birthday. Well, I am trying to thinking hard to figure out the focus of power point, I even have no idea. But I love flowers anyway 🙂 it would be great I think..and about the theme, what about encouragement? As my blog tag line. “Encouraging and inspiring through God’s Word” Sis, once again thank you so.. so much for your attention, love, and kindness. I really appreciate it 🙂 Many love and blessings to you. Send my regards to your husband,Ron.

  3. My dear friend Karina, what beautiful words these are! May they become more and more a reality in your life. I like especially what she wrote: “Spreading fragrance down to the hidden corner…” There are many hidden corners in this world.

  4. There is a lovely Christian film out now called “Overcomer”. It is about a young girl w/ asthma who, also, happens to be a long-distance runner. I think you might enjoy it, Karina. ❤

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