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FATHER’S HANDS (Posted in bahasa: TANGAN BAPA)

As I reflect back on all of that experience, I see the Father’s hands watch over me even when I did not realize it. God obviate me from the pain when I did not realize that the tumor was there. God accompany me when I was unconscious on the surgery table. God provided all funds that I need, even there is a rest. God completely healed me. He shows His love to me through my beloved husband, family, and the brothers and sisters in Christ.
My dear friends, God has so many unbelievable ways to resolve our problems. Seems it is impossible before us but indeed neither to God. Timely He fulfill what we need. This was a beautiful testimony of a faithful couple who had a serious problem in their life. From both of them we can learn the spirit of surrender to God’s power and His mighty hands nothing impossible. A very blessed testimony.

Beautiful Words

I am on writing a testimony one of friend who healed by God from an acute cancer, when suddenly God reminded me an event a few years ago which is actually almost forgotten. It never crossed in my mind to publish it on the blog that can be read by anyone. But after hearing the dramatic experience of my friend, I feel that every work of God to be cherished and shared with others, in order to cultivate the strength and hope that God is alive, faithful, loving, and almighty.


Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples. (Psalm 96:3 NIV)


In the morning of January 2010. Suddenly I felt severe pain in the lower abdomen. Knotted and cramps as in squeezed so compelled to urinate every few minutes until my body was shaking and sweating. When I touched it, I felt a…

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