Holding Innocence

“Children teach us to have humility and complete trust before the Father. They demonstrate the importance of discipline in our lives. And, important for me, they teach us how to slow down and appreciate just being with one another” I am truly blessed read this post and more realized how important our child to us just. Because, Children are heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. (Psalm 127:3) Great and lovely post from my sister in Christ, Lauren. Thank you for sharing to us .


Children are quite an amazing gift. I mentioned in my first post (โ€œFaith Like a Childโ€) that my best friends have twins. They are 19 months old now and as exploratory as ever. Sometimes they can try my patience, but then there are those serene moments that I donโ€™t want to end. A couple of times this week I had the joy of holding each boy after he woke up from his nap. One twin one day, the other twin another day. After waking up, each one discovered that he was still tired. So I rocked him back to sleep. It was such a wonderful feeling knowing that he wanted me to hold him, that he felt comfortable in my arms. I loved looking at his little face and seeing him at peace. I enjoyed feeling his breathing (and sometimes hearing a snore or two). No matter what has beenโ€ฆ

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14 thoughts on “Holding Innocence

      • Thank you for your prayers Karina, we are very touched by the Love and compassion that you and others have shown, Ron is still waiting to see the Occultist, unfortunately they lost his referral and the Doctors notes and so did not contact him till yesterday. He has an appointment at the end of next week, the Surgery has just moved to a new location and this is why the delay and confusion.

        Blessings – Anne


    • Dear,sister Anna
      Yes children are the greatest gift from God and we learn many things from children as i have learned from my child. Thank for your lovely comment,sis. God bless.


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