Are we have strong and unwavering heart so we could fave any problem, challenges and temptations in our life? This post is very good reminder to all us that we need to have strong and steadfast heart like a diamond. Worth to read!

Beautiful Words

Tough heart as a diamondHeart is one of the most important areas in our lives. Even the first step of our Christianity journey, begins by opening the doors of our hearts for Jesus.

Once the importance of all things about heart so that God gives thousands verses and many examples of Bible figures successfulness and failures because of their heart manner.  About David, we all know that David was once fall into the murder and adultery sin when indirectly he killed Uriah then took Bathsheba as his wife. But why in Acts 13:22 God called David a man after his own heart? Because when Nathan rebuked him regarding his sins, David had a tender heart (Psalm 51). It was same with Moses. Specifically, bible wrote that Moses was a very meek and humble man more than every mankind over this world (Numbers 12:3). Conversely, which makes most of the Israelites coming out of Egypt…

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7 thoughts on “TOUGH HEART AS A DIAMOND (Posted in bahasa “KUAT BAGAI BERLIAN”)

  1. God’s Love Karina, is like a Diamond, it has many facets or sides that reflect His Nature and so do we through the empowering of The Holy Spirit.

    Our relationship with God comes first but this leads to a Loving relationship with others as much as it depends on us, if it doesn’t and it is because of us, than it’s not God’s Love, we show not just by our words but our Actions too, the Unity we have with Him.

    Another side of God’s Love is Honesty or Integrity, it is not Love to look the other way when others sin or is it Love to show rudeness and ignore them because they don’t agree with us or when they correct us when we are in error.

    Whatever we do to and for others, we are doing to and for Jesus, good and bad, we consider others first not ourselves, we are the Body of Christ, which means we share God’s Truth, take an interest in what interests others, encourage and uplift, them and spur them onto good works and yes correct and rebuke if needed, just as God tells us to do in the Scriptures.

    I follow people’s Blogs who shine like Diamonds, it’s interesting how gems are formed, amazing really, God is an Awesome Creator.

    Keep shining Karina – Christian Love – Anne


    • Dear sis Anne,
      Thank you very much for the lovely comment. Yes I absolutely agree with you. I also found there are so many great blogs that shine like diamonds like your blog. That’s why I keep blogging until now just because I got so many valuable things and lessons through their blogs. Thank you sis, and have a blessed day to you.


  2. From the time I was a child the concept of God was so supernatural to me. Creator of Heaven and Earth and All Things. No beginning. No end. How does youth comprehend such a being– besides faith. Fortunately for me, my most personal prayers have always been answered. Too coincidental. And now I’m more confidently beyond faith. Because I know that God does exist. And any of the major wrongs I’ve done in life– I have a good feeling He’ll recognize the weak moments of myself as a human… and be more than fair in His judgement of me. Peace, Karina.


  3. I am blessed by your post. It is amazing that God can create a heart that is hard and strong like a diamond but yet soft and compassionate. Thank you for sharing your heart. I enjoy your posts, they are so encouraging.


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