The Timid Light

We often do not feel worthy or doesn’t have a good ability to tell about God to the world, oftentimes we become a timid to show the God mightiness to other. This post tells and shows us that God can and will use everyone to shows His greatness. No matter how powerful we are to give influence to others, No matter how voluble we speak. God will never look it at all. God can choose and use us no matter whom and how we are. Thing to ponder: With all our weaknesses, are we ready to use by God to spreading God’s word to other?


Did it ever come a time in your life that you wished you were influential; someone who could convince people to believe what you believe in?

Maybe you might imagine then yourself wearing a first class suit or someone who confidently walks in 5-inch heels. Or maybe you imagine yourself to be someone who can boss around, speak convincing words and talk different languages. Maybe it can be someone who excels in arts and music and even without saying a single word, you are able to influence people.

Whether you are an extrovert on an introvert, I know you have already been at a moment in your life where you wish you are that much powerful to convince people to make your beliefs theirs and do the things you do.

I used to believe that if I have the guts, an influential family background and some money to help me…

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10 thoughts on “The Timid Light

  1. Thank you Karina for reposting this wonderful article by Kriz! What an important reminder to us that God can take the most ordinary, even sub-ordinary people to accomplish his marvelous awesome purposes on earth!! I did reply w/comment to Kriz’s article in her blog. Thank you again, Karina!

    • My sis Nancy,
      Thank you so much. Yes you are absolutely true, Kriz gave us important message and reminder that God can use anyone according His will as we learn from many Bible figure who used amazingly by God. Thank you and blessings to you,sis πŸ™‚

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