The Holy Vows

Been quite long time I am not post anything to the blog. Just visiting, reading many great post of my blog friends. It is just because I am busy for my wedding preparation. But Thank you to God, everything has been settled and now just waiting for that great day. Sadly, this evening post would be my last post this year. I promise will come back next year. This last post is not an article or my thought but I only share something important part in a Christian Wedding.  I would like to share my wedding vow.

The most great and important moment in a Christian marriage is when the bride and groom pronounce their wedding vows before God and His congregation. It is the most thrilling and touching moment for them. Utter a vow which is a great commitment not just in the front of husband and wife and their family, but in the presence of God. Few days away, I will say the wedding vow before God and His congregation, as well as in the front of my husband and vice versa.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous. Not because I have to memorize the vow but I will says a vow that will be binds of a lifetime and that must be kept for throughout of my life. The wedding vow is a holy vow, a best privilege in life to love and honor my husband forever. It’s the end of a love seeking journey. I pray to God that I could say it clearly and really come out from the deepest of my heart, understand its meaning and prove it by deeds.

Below is my wedding vow that I will say on 14th December. This evening I would like to share our wedding vows. For the blog friends who are married, this post might bring you to reminisce, recalling the most precious moment on your wedding day. Many love and blessing to you all. I am gonna miss you so much.

Kevin will says,

My dear beloved Karina Susanto, as we stand before both God and man, making public our commitment to one another, I wish to make it known that I recognize first of all God’s authority over my life which is exercised from His loving heart. He has chosen me to be one of his own, and He is now my life. I recognize also that He has blessed me and entrusted to me your life as a free gift that I have not earned. In recognition of these things, Karina, I purpose to love you with His love, to provide for your needs through His enablement, and to lead you as He leads me, as long as He give us life together, regardless of the circumstances. As Psalm 34:3 expressed my heart when I asked you to marry me, so it expresses my heart now: “Glorify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together.”

Wedding vow 1 - Karina's Thought

I will says,

My dear beloved Kevin Lam, on this precious day, I am reminded of the verse James 1:17 which says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. With a gift such as you, I know that many new responsibilities face me. In 1 Corinthians 4:2, it explains “Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.”  I cannot do this on my own strength,  but Kevin, by God’s grace and power working within me I desire to be trustworthy as your wife by following your leading submissively, even as unto Christ, loving and serving you in all circumstances as long as He give me life on this earth.

wedding vow 2 - Karina's Thought

 Saturday, December 14, 2013


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67 thoughts on “The Holy Vows

  1. OK, Karina. This brought tears. Tears
    of joy. So happy for the two of you. Thanks for sharing this so that we can in a small way be a part. Very lovely vows. My mom still asks about you. We will both be praying that everything goes wonderfully. Have a blessed time celebrating your new life as man and wife. Blessings upon blessings, sweet sis!

  2. Wow, i am happy to hear that.God bless you and your husband for entire life. Wish you have a have a great time and create many happy memories.May Lord guide you in love and kindness. Blessings

  3. Congratulations my dear!!!!!
    I pray nothing but the best for your union. May God’s peace abide within both of you.

    I know you will be an absolutely gorgeous bride 🙂

    Your words caused me to reminisce on my own day, here is a blog I wrote about it on my first anniversary 🙂

    I hope you have lots of pictures for memories and that your day is every bit as magical as you envisioned 🙂

    Blessings my sister 🙂

    • Dear JC
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment and greeting. Have been read your post..awesome journey. .it will become my lesson later.. thank you so much my dear sister in Christ. Blessing to you and your fam 🙂

  4. So sweet reading this…..congratulation dear Karina!!! 🙂 I pray you both have great day and a lot of happy memories ~ may the Lord continue to guide you both and may your union be fruitful and be a reflection of God’s glory. And wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Life together!!!! 🙂

  5. A Wedding vows that has been written with the whole heart and love. I pray your marriage is anointed by God and God’s presence is always with you both in every step and decisions, through every season in your marriage, make you stonger and stronger day by day till the end. We love you so much, beautiful Karina. We wish the best for you. And many thanks for the related this post to mine. Jesus bless you and Kevin ((hugs))

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us, it is a blessing to me to hear or read vows again and remind me of my love and commitment to my husband. I pray for you to be richly blessed in you marriage. You must post a picture when you return from your honeymoon, I know you will be a beautiful bride.

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours. Thank you for all the love and support you have shared with this ministry throughout the year. Peace, love and blessing to you and your family my friend.

  8. Dear friend, I was just thinking about you today, and so I decided to visit your blog. I wondered what you’ve been up to, but to my surprise you got married. Congratulation!!! Hope to see you soon blogging again. Take care and Happy New Year!

    • Hi dear, I am so sorry for very long late reply. I just returned from honeymoon. Thank you so much for the greeting. . Belated happy new year to you too..many love and blessings to you. 🙂

    • Hii dear friend…
      I am fine, thank I am on enjoying as a housewife and thank you God..I am pregnant. But just one month. .what such a great blessing from God will having a the way..what about you? Hopefully everything gonna be ok there..:)

      • Wow! that’s great Karin..Congratulations..I’m so happy for you… 😉 We’ll I’m good in God’s grace…^_^ so happy to have you back…

  9. Hi Karina… I was so excited to see your “Like”! It is so good to see you and hear from you. You are a blessings to all who follow you. I was so excited for you for your marriage and now excited that you may be back in “blog world”. You and your new husband will be an inspiration to many new couples as examples of Kingdom marriages, where a three standed cord will never be broken. Many blessings to you, my friend!!

  10. Karina, your vows are beautiful and especially because they are founded on God’s love, humility, and service. You are a special person and must know that the walk you take with your husband in one hand, is accompanied by the Lord who walks with you holding your other hand…

    Be committed to them both!


  11. I chose to re-read your wedding vows today and they are very special indeed. Almost all wedding vows are considered to be loving, but yours were particularly so because you mixed in scripture which is where marriage began, (with God), and to whom you honor with your marriage along with your spouse. A very touching post to share, Karin…


    • Dear, brother Steve.
      Thank you very much for reading my Holy Vows. We chose that words because we thought all is based on love. God’s love. We just want our marriage is always not only by human love but rather to God’s love. Thank you so much and many blessings, brother.

      • And many, many blessings to you and your husband and child, Karin. Root your love in a Godly manner and He will bless it! Enjoy your weekend, (I may have already said that to you today…Lol!)


  12. Our society has almost forgotten the beauty and power of commitment. At its best, marriage reflects our relationship w/ God. He remains faithful in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. From His love and selfless sacrifice, we learn the true meaning of love. ❤

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