One Woman

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Today, in the middle of my busyness, my sister in Christ, Sue Nash gave me a surprise. She wrote a poem based on my post “Woman of Faith” series. It is been honor for me and this evening I would like to share this spiritual and inspirational poem to all of my lovely reader.  My sister Sue, Thank you very much for your kindness. Love you so much. 

One Woman

One woman obeyed
To bear a child in her mistress’ place.
Sarah dared to reconsider
For the son of promise, it wasn’t too late.

(Genesis 18:14)

One woman refused
To come before the king as he wished.
Esther dared to approach
For such a time as this.

(Esther 4:16)

One woman bragged
To the childless wife and teased.
Hannah dared to believe
For a son to dedicate as priest.

(1 Samuel 1:11)

One woman decided
To stay behind with those she knew.
Ruth dared to choose
For Naomi’s God to be hers, too.

(Ruth 1:16-17)

One woman rejoiced;
To have a child at her age was a thrill.
Her cousin Mary dared to receive,
“May your word to me be fulfilled.”

(Luke 1:38)

One woman complained
To serve their Guest all alone.
Her sister Mary dared to prioritize
For the one thing that mattered most.

(Luke 10:39-42)

One woman grieved
To see her Son crucified.
Mary Magdalene dared to declare
For His disciples to come see that He’s alive.

(Luke 24:9-10)

by Sue Nash/2013

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34 thoughts on “One Woman

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    • Hello sis.
      Thank you so much. Sue’s poems are always beautiful 🙂 about the series you gave one post ” Hannah” 🙂 thank you sis. btw how are you? Still busy with your book release? Always pray for you 🙂

      • Oh Sis, I love your prayers and need them. I have the official launch to plan and a speaking engagement on February 22, plus teaching this bible study beginning in January. Lots to do, yet keep the family happy.
        Do you know where you will honeymoon yet? I think and pray for your wedding and career.
        Blessings sis. Have a great day.

    • Dear sis Heidi
      Thank you so much for reading Sue’s poem through my blog 🙂 I am agree with you, Sue always wrote beautiful poems. I really love it and ita been honor she asked me to post it on my blog. Thank you so much and many blessings on your day.

    • You are welcome 🙂 thank you reading this post. A bit suggestion, if you not follow the author of this beautiful poem, I urge you to follow Sue Nash’s awesome blog soon 🙂 Blessing to you.

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