Arise, O Woman of God

Arise, Woman of God - Karina's Thought

Rise up, O woman of God
In what He has given you,
The things God has laid on your heart,
Rise up, go forth, and do

Unlock what God has placed within,
The potential you have inside
The world is waiting for your release
To expand your wings and fly

Arise in your God-given gifts
For this is your finest hour
Arise in the Lord’s holy might,
Ignited and empowered

For God is calling you to come forth
To impact this world for Him,
Don’t hold back or limit yourself
Let His power arise within

Β And take His message to the world
To those that have lost their way,
For you can surely make a difference
If you’d hear His voice and obey

You shall be strengthened in the Lord
As you begin to arise,
Conquering those doubts that pull you down
And believe who you are in Christ

For you shall surely be transformed
As, in you, God increases more
And become a woman of true excellence
Bringing honor to her Lord.


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32 thoughts on “Arise, O Woman of God

  1. A beautiful thought to go along with Proverbs 31! The woman of God is capable, intelligent, loving, smart-minded, and a joy to her family and her Lord! You are such a woman as this, sis!


      • You know I’m visiting you site for anything I haven’t look at before! It’s my pleasure, sis! How are you doing?

        By the way, you know I have an archive section too if you want to see some older posts…


        • Hello brother..
          I am good. Thank you for asking) today I will go to SG. I have flight schedule at 11pm. I will be in Singapore for one month πŸ™‚ oh yes, I will love to read your older posts. OK, brother πŸ™‚ today is my busy day. Have a blessed evening to you.

          • Wow, a whole month in SG! That’s a long time away from home…do you have to do that often?

            And an 11PM “red-eye” flight? Well, it seems that you’d be tired for the next day. Don’t you get tired?

            Well, I’m not your husband nor your father, but it just seems like a lot to put on you! Take it easier when you can…


          • Thank you for your caring.. πŸ™‚ well, I love to take night flight so I could sleep tight. Every 3months I have to go to SG πŸ™‚ have a blessed day to you,brother.

          • I wish I could relax on planes. I have a big flight from Calif. to Penn. coming up next month and I’m not crazy about that!! 😦 !!

            Any tips on how to fly more comfortably, sis?

            Steve πŸ™‚

          • Hello brother..
            There is no special tips for me to fly comfortable. But I always choose night flight so I could sleep quite well.. And about the sit.. I always choose first class flight just because the environment quote comfortable rather than the other class. But if your flight is short it is okay take a business or economic class πŸ™‚

          • Thank you my sister! I will get through the flight with a good prayer and some “white knuckles!”


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