Faith – Quote

Faith sees invisible

Faith sees the invisible,

believes the unbelievable,

and receives the impossible.

Corrie Ten Boom

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13 thoughts on “Faith – Quote

    • I love Corrie as well,sis. I have two of his books. “The Hidding Place” and “The Tramp for the Lord” what a great books.Some day if you have a chance travelling to Holland, dont miss to visit her musuem. Not just beatiful museum but there are so many inspiring things there πŸ™‚


      • I did go to Holland many years ago but when I went there was no museum. They would not let me go upstairs to see where she lived above the clock shop. All I could do was take pictures from the outside. Glad to know there is a museum now. πŸ™‚


        • Good morning,sis
          about the mesuem, as long as I know, her house opened as musuem in 1988. I went to Corrie’s museum in 2009. I dont know about this time, when I visited that museum there is a specific schedule time to visit and only for up to 25 person for each group. and just for one hour tour last for each group πŸ™‚ The museum open from tuesdays till saturdays. As I remember we must make a reseversation or will arrange by local tour in Holland πŸ™‚


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