By the Touch of His Hands

By the touch of his hand

Often when we pause and wonder
When we kneel down to pray;
Can God really hear
The prayer that we say.

But if we keep praying
And talk to Him;
He’ll brighten the soul
That was clouded and dim.

And as we continue
Our burden seems lighter;
Our sorrow is softened
Our outlook is brighter.

For though we feel helpless
And alone when we start;
Our prayer is the key
That opens the heart.

And as our heart opens,
The dear Lord comes in;
And the prayer that we felt
We could never begin.

Is so easy to say
For the Lord understands;
And gives us new strength
By the touch of His hands…

 Connie Ciccone

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4 thoughts on “By the Touch of His Hands

    • Dear Debbie
      I agree with your idea. But unfortunately I can compose a music at all. Maybe someday there are bloggers that can do it 🙂 thank you eo much for your comment. Many love and blessing to you.

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