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Fear Sees Faith Coming

Fear sees faith coming

When fear sees faith a-coming, when doubt sees truth displayed,
The truth that is in Jesus how can we be dismayed?
When tears are wept in secret, when sorrow’s night descends,
Then faith in Jesus’ power our sorry soul defends.

When we are busy drowning in a sea of sad despair,
When those we love have hurt us and our soul needs God’s repair,
When loneliness o’er-whelms us with an ache that none can touch,
And we’re crushed with disappointments and life is just too much.

When danger threatens loved ones, when death stalks near to home,
When war shall rise against us, when panic’s on the throne,
Remind us of your promises, renew our hearts in grace,
And help us live in righteousness and truth before your face.

So Jesus be our comfort and remind us in your Word,
That our small voice in the tempest incredibly is heard,
In the heaven you inhabit, in the love land where you live,
And you travel through the universe, your peace to us to give!

So we wait now in this stillness that garrisons our soul,
Yes, we wait with hands uplifted till you come and make us whole,
So when faith sees fear a-coming to fill our hearts with dread,
Oh Lord Jesus great and mighty, will you please kill fear dead!

Jill Briscoe

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When It’s Hard To Pray

when its hard to pray

Bible reading: Romans 8:26-27

There is not a word on my tongue, but behold, O Lord, You know it altogether. —Psalm 139:4

The Bible tells us that God knows our every thought and every word on our tongue (Psalm 139:1-4). And when we don’t know what to pray for, the Holy Spirit “makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered” (Romans 8:26).

These biblical truths assure us that we can have communication with God even without a word being spoken, because He knows the intentions and desires of our heart. What a comfort when we are perplexed or in deep distress! We don’t have to worry if we can’t find the words to express our thoughts and feelings. We don’t have to feel embarrassed if sometimes our sentences break off half-finished. God knows what we were going to say. We don’t have to feel guilty if our thoughts wander and we have to struggle to keep our minds focused on the Lord.

And for that matter, we don’t have to worry about a proper posture in prayer. If we are elderly or arthritic and can’t kneel, that’s okay. What God cares about is the posture of our heart.

What a wonderful God! No matter how much you falter and stumble in our praying, He hears us. His heart of infinite love responds to the needs and emotions of our own inarticulate heart. So keep on praying! —Vernon Grounds

Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire,
Unuttered or expressed,
The motion of a hidden fire
That trembles in the breast. —Montgomery

Prayer does not require eloquence but earnestness.


Karina – Daily Bread devotional

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