Thought of Hope


Thought about hope

“Our Hope in God is surer than

The sun rising in the morning.”

Rebecca Fong

Photo: Sunrise in Marina Bay sand, Singapore by Ministry of Photography Singapore


10 thoughts on “Thought of Hope

    • Oh. Do you really want to visit to Singapore, sis? Come on I will arrange for you. No need to stay in hotel. You can stay at my house 🙂 actually I have a plan to take my honeymoon to around America sis. There are some great place in Americq that I not been visit before 🙂


        • Well, I don’t know exactly. I should to browsing find out of interesting tourism place in America. I has been visit to boston, Miami, San Antonio, texas and some others. Maybe you could give me recommendation 🙂


          • It depends on if you want to see the busy America or the countryside. I can recommend Niagara Falls (good for honeymooners) and The Grand Canyon. I’ve still never visited New York City, that’s supposed to be wonderful. Yosemite National Park is just beautiful.


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