A life drawn with pencil

So it could be rubbed out with only three colors

To lie on my page: Black; dying soul, destroyed by others.

Red; bleeding heart, bleeding wrist, life source dripping away

Grey; creeping sighs and mist covered everything.

 Black, Red, and Grey. That Was Me.

 But…I am no longer that

Colors galore, colors true

Colors fresh, colors new

A life full of colors, full of laughter

With permanent marker, forever and after 

I’m no longer bound by black, red and grey

I’m free; I’m alive, with new colors each day

As you look at my pages

My life to thee

The change in colors

Is astonishing to see

Where once there was pencil

And black, red and grey. There is now a rainbow

New day by day, the colors of life and freedom and hope

Of love and of beauty and learning to cope of kindnesses offered and given away

Of Light and of Mercy and new Grace Everyday

Natalie Collins

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