Under His Wings

under his wings

I got an email from Kimiko my very best friend in Japan. She sent me a song lyric “Under His Wings”. She said: “My dear Karin, read and ponder this lyric carefully.” She sent me this morning because last night I called her and shared the problems that I had now.  Dear friends, when I heard this song and pondering I could not hold back my tears. I cried. I do not cry for my problems but I am crying because I am more realized that I have God in Heaven with His wings are always covered me in every step of my life.

This evening, I am longing to share this song to all of you.This song amazingly is able to strengthen us when we are weak. At the moment we are experiencing many trials and problems. Thank you so much for my best friend Kimiko who sending me this beautiful and encouraging song.

My way was filled with danger, I felt alone
The enemy had singled me out to do me wrong
And when he drew near, my heart filled with fear
Then I heard someone dear calling me to his side
And I ran under His wings, and there He covered Me
And now I can sing
The enemy still looks for me, but what he can’t see
Is that I’m under my Lords wings, under His wings

Thunder rolled, dark clouds hung low, I was out
In a storm, shivering in the coldness there, no safe
Retreat from harm, then there blew strong winds
Would this be my end, then I heard my friend calling
Me to His side, and I ran under his wings and there
He covered me and now I can sing
The storm still rages, but in the Rock of Ages I’m resting
Warmly, here under My Lords wings, under His wings

Night time came, the shadows fell, I could not
Find my way, the terrors of the night took hold
How I yearned for break of day, then he saw my plight
And out in the night He shined His light and called me to
His side, and I ran under His wings, and there he covered me
And now I can sing
And the night’s still there but why should I care, when
I’m made aware that I’m under my Lords wings
Under His wings, and there He covers me and now I
Can Sing,

Under His wings, Under His wings, who from His love
Can sever, Under His wings, my soul shall abide
Safely abide, forever, Amen.

Watch and listen The Sisters sing “Under His Wings”



Photo Credit:gnfaww.blogspot.com

19 thoughts on “Under His Wings

  1. This was so on time for me! Love those lyrics! And I am I love with that picture! Do you know where it is from and if it can be purchased anywhere?

    • Hi there..I am so sorry for very long late reply. I just returned from honeymoon. . By the way about the photo that I use is from Google images. .as you know we can find so many beautiful photos and pictures from Google. . If you like it you can grab it from my post 🙂 thank you so much for visiting and reading my post..I really appreciate it..Many blessings to you 🙂

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