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Wise Word about Failure

Failure 2

“Failure is only a small part of our lives.

Among the ocean

 Failure is just a small ripple.

Don’t fear to fail.”

“for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes.”(Proverb 24:16)

Chandra Susanto

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My Bible and I

Holy Bible

This morning after worshiping my fiancé bought a new Holy Bible because his old one getting damaged on its cover. After that he asked me to rewrite a poem on a piece of paper and stick it behind the cover. This poem illustrates how important the Bible for us. Holy Bible is the word of God in which God speaks to us in writing. The Bible is the word of God who becomes the authority and the only basic practices in our Christian lives.

My Bible and I

We have traveled together through life’s rugged way

 over the land and over the sea, by night and by day

to travel without it I never would try;

We keep close together, My bible and I

In sorrow I have proved it my comfort and joy

when weak my strong tower which nought can destroy;

when death comes so near me ‘tis thought

I would die; we still are together, My Bible and I

If powers of evil against me would come,

and threaten to rob me of heaven and home,

God’s word then directs me to Him in the sky;

and nothing can part us, My Bible and I

when evil temptations are brought to my view,

and I in my weakness know not what to do,

On Christ as my strength I am taught to rely;

and so we keep company, My Bible and I

when life’s path is ended; if Jesus should come

and take all his blood-purchased brethren home;

of if, in long suffering, He wait till I die.

we will never be parted, My Bible and I.

and when in the glory my Lord I behold,

with all His redeemed gathered safe in the fold,

My Bible and I close companions will be,

For God’s word abides for all eternity


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