The Power of Woman Prayer


God wants to have an intimate relationship with each one of His children.  A woman praying to God is a form of communication where amazing things can happen.  Prayer brings us closer to God when we openly come to Him, when we let our guard down, and allow Him into our hearts.  Through prayer God can bring healing to the emotionally and physically weak, this is one way He can bless us.  Experiencing the power of prayer with a group of Christian women is also something that God wants for us.  Prayer is so important because this is our way of communicating to God and with any relationship without communication the relationship will become weak.

The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord will answer my prayer. Psalm 6:9

Praying to God doesn’t mean we will always get what we want, let’s face it God is not a vending machine.  There are times that we might feel like God doesn’t hear or answer our prayers because the answer isn’t always what we think is best, or sometimes we don’t get an answer right away.  This is where faith, patience, and trusting God comes in, by believing that He knows best and that He will answer us at the perfect time.

The more we get to know someone the more comfortable we become around them.  Whether you have never prayed before or have been for years I encourage you to get to know God in a new way so you can become more comfortable around Him.  Reading the Bible is a great way to find out who God is and praying is a great way for God to reveal to you who you are.  If you don’t know where to start or what to pray just spend some time thanking Him for the blessing in your life

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Philippians 4:6

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I use this devotional this morning in Prayer ministry of Young Christian Career Women Fellowship where this fellowship just for the first time was held. YCCWF was formed from longings of few young Christian women who have run a business in any field. My business friend, Kimberly Gow was initiating this prayer fellowship. I am grateful could be involve in this fellowship. We can share everything that becomes our problem and burden. We realized that in Business world sometime or even often are very hard and cruel. Therefore we hope that through this the fellowship we can encourage one to another and together our spiritual growth will become more and more well.


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22 thoughts on “The Power of Woman Prayer

  1. “God is not a vending machine.” What an awesome thought. How often do we seem to think “prayer in, answer out.” A popular book about prayer in an earlier generation was titled, “Prayer, Asking and Receiving.” While there certainly is the element of “asking” involved, just to be in God’s presence, who could really “ask” for more? My wife and I don’t always have to be talking; just to be near her is enough.


    • Not just encourage and support me but we do to each other who need it. I am grateful about this fellowship. . Thank you for your lovely comment, grandma. Have a beautiful sunday. Blessing 🙂


      • And you have a super day yourself. I think we are on opposite sides of the clock! Bless you and your family too, sis.

        I did go to that website of your friend’s and left a message. We’ll see if she can respond. I’m on FB too, so we’ll see.


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        • Hello brother,
          Yes we have a different time zone. Right now, here is 11am. And I am sure at your place is night, right? 7.30am I already in the office. Hear many reports about many things from my PA also my schedule for the current day, after that I am used to make informal meeting with our directors, talk many thing related with our jobs. Then I spend my time to reply every comment on my posts if any and visit my follower’s blog 🙂 almost every day I always do these schedule. Today after lunch, I have guests from other companies. It has been scheduled two weeks ago. OK bro, Thank you so much. Have a blessed evening to you there.

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          • Wow, my dear, I hope you eat an energetic lunch! Lots of responsibility is on such small but mighty shoulders!!

            Yes, I think we have about a 17 hour time difference. So I think 11 AM your time on a Thursday is about 6PM my time on Wednesday evening…is that right?

            Here in California during the summer time, the sun stays up until almost 8PM. The sun is always out here, and we are in a 4-year drought in our state.

            Truthfully, I’d love to live in another state but can’t do so because my wife wants to be so close to her family. I would move to Nevada or Arizona, (the cooler parts) as fall/winter are my favorite times of the year.

            Anyway, sis, I always appreciate your support and regular visits here, they make me smile to see them…they always have 🙂

            You take care and check in later on. Have a wonderful day!


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          • Hello, bro 🙂
            Yes you were so true. We have around 17 hours time difference. Nature sometime it’s so strange. Right here is winter till the end of August. The weather around 7c at night and 14c at daylight. Have a wonderful night to you and your family. God bless 🙂


          • Wow, sis, I had to do some conversions from “C” to “F” but 44 degrees F is kind of cool. We are lucky to get temps down to 65-75 degrees at night as this is our summer. August is usually the hottest month in the season. We get into the 100-103 degree range, (38-40 “c”) during the days…

            Steve 🙂


          • I’m with you, sis…love the cooler temps. and the rain. I ask myself why I’m living in this arid climate? LOL!!!

            Enjoy your weekend too, Karin. Do well in golf!!

            Steve 🙂

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  2. “Praying to God doesn’t mean we will always get what we want, let’s face it God is not a vending machine.”

    I didn’t pick this up before…I like it very much, sis! How are you doing? Good I hope…


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      • And may he bless you, sis! I know you must work so hard to make everything right in your father’s eyes, and for the good of the company.

        By doing so you do God an honor too, as He tells us to do our earthly work well, as if we were working for Him!

        Always glad to hear from you!

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