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I Believe

I believe

I Believe in the sun even if it isn’t shining

I believe in love even when I am alone

I believe in God even when He is silent


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From Zero to Hero

As a woman I have a lot of woman figures who become to my inspiration. I never get bored reading their stories. This evening I would like to share story about one of my inspiration figure. I called her “From zero to Hero” I knew this story for the first time from my mother.

One day a woman introduced herself in a student conference at a famous university in the U.S. and said: “I was an illegitimate child and my mother was a very poor, deaf and mute. One day my mother was raped by a man, so I never knew who my father is. Our life is very poor, so in a very young age, I had to work together with my mother as a laborer in a cotton plantation. I hate my condition and I was disappointed to God because He is not fair. I cannot understand why I have to be born in this world, while I am useless at all. ”

The sentence above sounds like the contents of our hearts when we are disappointed to God, when we are not accepted by all around us and dumped in this world because of a sad background, so we’re wondering, “Why was I born?”

But let’s we take a look the further of this story.

“One day there was something inside me said,” you can choose. You want to keep it like this or do you want out of this useless feeling. The choice is yours! “I finally chose to get out of this useless feeling. I started to work hard to get the money to pay for my school and my mother.”

That woman worked so hard and finally he achieved success.

What is the moral of the story? After I heard this story, I draw the conclusion that beside talk about faith and hope, this story speaks about choices in life. My dear friends, did you know and realize that our life is a choice? When we experience a bitter life like the woman in that story, whether we want to stay alive in it or get out from those conditions? The choice is in us. But one thing that we should to ponder is God already had a plan in every step of our lives and God’s plan is not to harm us. as written in Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” as long as we can choose, choose the best.

Like the woman in that story, maybe we are often disappointed to God or even blame god when we are in the very bad condition. But we can see what that woman did! She chooses to get out from the bitterness because she believed indeed there is always hope in life. She had made ​​the right choice. She did not want to be too long to live in an adversity.

What about us as a Christian? We certainly do not want to live in bitterness and misery. But if we have to experience it, what would we do? Remain in it and kept complain, blaming God and judging that God is not fair? Or we stay move on, constantly rely on God and always direct our view to the light of Christ’s love. Work hard to try get out of that condition and stay on God’s promises that God never forsake us. Like Psalm said: “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.”(Psalm 9:10). Which one will we choose?

Azie_Taylor_MortonAt that time, a woman who initially introduced himself as an illegitimate child, standing in front of students in a famous university to prove strength of a choice and she also knew that God really loves her. She is from nobody becomes to someone, from nothing to be something, from zero to Hero. We should learn from this woman and make her as our inspiration. She is Azie Taylor Morton (1936-2003), Finance minister of the United States of America in the time Jimmy Carter became a President, her signature is in U.S. dollar bills for 3 years.


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