We Will Climb The Mountain?


Those mountains we come across
As we journey through life,
We stop beneath and wonder
If we can climb that high
We come to the conclusion
It’s beyond what we can bear,
So we decide not to try it
And choose to stay right there

So we stay just where we are
Unproductive for the Lord,
Not moving into what He has,
Unaware He has much more
How can God ever use us
If we don’t want to move,
If we stay hiding in a corner
With no kingdom work to do?

God desperately wants for us
To go deeper into Him,
To conquer all our mountains
And have His life within
To get out of the rut
That is holding us back
And develop a deeper faith
Where we had sorely lacked

Those mountains that we come across
Are there to challenge us,
To keep us ever trusting God
And relying on His love
For each step we take with God,
He reminds us, He is there,
We need not run away and hide,
Nor cower in faithless fear

But step out boldly, in total trust,
As hard as it may be,
For we will never grow in God,
Nor come to ever see
Just what lies beyond the mountain
And all God wants to show,
If we don’t rise to conquer it,
We shall never come to know.

© By M.S.Lowndes

Photo Credit: bhmpics.com


3 thoughts on “We Will Climb The Mountain?

  1. Love this.. I had been singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” for the last 2 days and your post is perfect for how I have been feeling as I have felt that I am finally going up the mountain… Thank you.


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