I am Just a Small Lantern


I am just a small lantern

Among the impermanence glare of light

That is I want to be

Keep burning bright, send out the God’s love radiance

I am just a small lantern

Within the darkness and emptiness

That is I want to be

When the other getting dims, mine still brightly lit

I am just a small lantern

That is I used to be

Chasing away the darkness, revealing the God’s presence

No matter where God send me, no matter where I am glowing

I am just a small lantern

That is I am called by God

Looking for and embrace who truly seek God’s forgiveness and came fully into God’s salvation

Find the lost and may come to see The Light of God’s saving grace

Karina, Melbourne 2009

Photo credit: google images






11 thoughts on “I am Just a Small Lantern

  1. Karina, we may be small lanterns, however, it only takes one small lantern to bring light into an dark room. May we all shine brightly for the Lord. Blessings!


  2. Katrina,

    What a blessing it is to know that we are being used of the Lord to be a lantern to a sin darkened world.

    By the way, always remember it is more important to be one little light bulb in a dark stairwell than to be a light bulb in a beautiful chandelier. Although the light in the stairwell may be hidden from many people, it is still much more important than one light bulb in the chandelier…. it can burn out and no one will even notice it is gone. In God’s eyes small things are very important to Him!

    Lord bless you.


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