Prayers For Healing

My Dear Lord in Heaven,

Now You see our precious child that You really love and care. He is your gift from Heaven. He is Your wonderful blessing for us. He is our endlessly inspiration.

My Lord, right now I handed his presence to Your warm embrace.  He longs You soothe the pain and suffering. He longs You hold the weak hand in Your loving arms and shows that You really care so much.

You know what he feels and You know what he suffered. He needs strength to endure from all of his pain. Touch him with Your infinite strength. Lift all the tears and pain; change into a smile of happiness. Guard his ​​sleep with Your heavenly angels.

My Lord in Heaven, I handed him to You. Teach me to comprehend everything which happens to us, especially to my precious gift. I know You have a plans behind all of this and I believe Your plans is very best among the best. Strengthen us with your strength so that we can through it all. Give us wisdom to face this trial.

Let us see the light of hope, love and peace poured upon us and let my precious child feel Your presence, feel Your mercy and mightiness, feel Your warm touching. Let he see that Your never leave him and will says “My Father in Heaven, I really love you. You always be with me” And in his weaknesses let Him says “Praise the Lord! You are really love me”

Lord, Thank you for your abundant blessing. Thank you for Your love and care. Amen.

Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.(Exodus 23:25)

With deeply touched heart, I dedicate this prayer to my dear friend, Nodz



18 thoughts on “Prayers For Healing

      • Hello back! Your posts always seem to have a good bit of sincerity to them. Hope you keep that up as you write…

        Hope that motherhood is going well with you…


        • Hello there,
          Once again thank you very much for your lovely further comment 🙂 this prayer was a prayer for son of my best blog friend in Philippines and now already have joyful with our Father in Heaven. At that time I just did something that I can do 🙂 by the way thank you very much for always giving me up lifting comment on my posts. It mean a lot to me and I really appreciate what you have done to me. Many love and blessings to you 🙂

          • To encourage those of “like faith” is a duty and an blessing by the design of God Himself. He knows that the world doesn’t love nor support Christians, they don’t know God, therefore they don’t know love…in the spiritual sense.

            But we who love God love His children. And we also love those who hate us. As I posted on my website yesterday, all of the goodness of God flows out of understanding and practicing His love first.

            You keep your heart leaning towards God before all other things, and you will be blessed and cared for by the Lord, and encouraged by Him eternally!


          • Dear True Light,
            Amen! Thank you for your great explanation 🙂 I will keep this always in my heart and mind an also become my reflection. Thank you and many blessings to you 🙂

          • You seem to have a very loving way about you, Karina. That is very good when it comes to accepting and modeling
            God’s virtues to this world!

            Thank you for so much support at my website. Have a wonderful day…


          • Hello there,
            You are much welcome 🙂 I love your site and I do believe I could learn about many things from your posts. Have a great week in the Lord. Blessings 🙂

          • I am so glad you visited and liked what you read! Please come back anytime and always ask questions or leave a comment.

            Lord love and keep you and your family,

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