Prepare ourselves

Fall asleep in the church?! No Way!!

Mr Bean asleepThis morning I saw a pretty shameful thing. A man who sitting in the front of me was asleep when the sermon is in progress! Fortunately, his girlfriend nudged him so he awake immediately.

Sleepy in the church seems not become a new problem. At least at the time of Paul’s ministry this incident has been occurred. We can read a story about a young man named Eutychus who fell asleep while listening to the Paul’s sermon.  Seated in a window was a young man named Eutychus, who was sinking into a deep sleep as Paul talked on and on. When he was sound asleep, he fell to the ground from the third story and was picked up dead” (Acts 20:9). Fortunately Paul raised him back, so he was getting a valuable lesson to be spared from death. Paul went down threw himself on the young man and put his arms around him. “Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “He’s alive!” (Acts 20:10).

The problem is not only on falling from the third floor like Eutychus, but we must realize that throwing the opportunity to listen and ponder the God’s words may lead us fall into the death. We are able to learn, read and ponder the Word of God in the home, or in small groups or fellowship, but of hearing the God’s word in the church by the pastor should not be ignored. Often it is hard for us to understand the meaning contained in the word of God, Sermon by the pastor will be very helpful because it was delivered with a clear explanation, accompanied with examples that can be applied in our lives.

“Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” (Hebrew 10:25)

In worship together brothers / sisters we will be more excited, there we can also build a solid relationship, mutually reinforcing, entertaining, remind and help each other in many things. And we should to remember, Jesus said: “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”(Matthew 18:20)

Let us always prepare ourselves as best as possible for worship, fellowship, praise the Lord and hearing God’s Word. Do not dispose the opportunity to be blessed by the God’s word and fellowship with other congregations with joyfully. Worship with the earnest heart make us constantly filled with the word of God in power to give all the good things for us.

We require the strength that comes from the Lord in order that able to walk safely. The God’s word has power to it. Prepare ourselves as best as possible to hear the God’s word or we will be like Eutychus.

Note: There are lots of photos of  fall asleep in the church. But I do not want to use it because I’m afraid could offend or humiliate certain people. Therefore I use a photo from one episode of Mr. Bean’s movies.


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7 thoughts on “Prepare ourselves

  1. Amen! It’s make me sad and angry a little bit with the people who sleep during the sermon. and I noticed those who usually fall asleep are the people who do nothing but just to sit during the service not even involve on the church ministry of soul winning. Being asleep during church sermon is not a physical sickness but rather a spiritual sickness. Sermons are for food of the soul and if you don’t have the appetite to listen then. you are spiritually sick. 🙂 Great Post Ms. Karina I feel the same way yesterday too.. 😦

  2. Boy, we really needed a message like this one! People need to center their thoughts on worship before they attend services. They do not need to be thinking about how well their new suits and dresses look, nor thinking about the latest gossip.

    We go to fellowship with others in the worship of God. Sure, we can talk about other interests before or after services. But our minds need to be on the proper worship of our awesome God during the services.


    • Hello, brother.
      First of all, I would like to say “Happy fourth of July” May God keep bless America! About the post, the fact is, there are many people till know still Don’t aware about this matter. Now, they come to the church with many purposes not only to worship God. Thank you for reading my old post, brother. Also thank you for the lovely comment 🙂 Many blessings to you.

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