God Is Not Distant

God near you

Do you ever feel that God
Is distant and aloof?
Do you wonder if He cares
And has the time for you?

Do you think Christ would’ve died
If you were the only one?
Do you think God had such love
To have sent His only son?

I think God cares enough for us
To do this and much more
He’s never distant and aloof
In this, you can be sure

He always said He’d never leave,
Nor will He forsake us,
He only wants to spend some time,
To share with us His love

We often say, ‘God doesn’t care
And there isn’t any hope’
But it’s maybe at those desperate times,
He’s working in us the most

God loves us all, way to much,
To leave us as we are
That’s why He sends to us the rain
To soften our hardened hearts.


Photo credit: alighthouse.com


4 thoughts on “God Is Not Distant

  1. Reblogged this on godschildren58 and commented:
    The Chosen Ones hold the answers to all these questions as well as why things happen the way they do. When you forget to add to your Prayer Cup each and every day Satan is free to enter in when it is empty. Jesus said to Simon, Pray for Satan wants you. Two spirits can not occupy the same flesh at the same time. Learn to fill your Prayer Cup and you will understand the Bible. Did you know that Death or Satan could not touch the Son of God because His Cup was always filled. This is why Jesus asked His Father to take His Cup from Him.


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