Keep Going

Keep going 2

Is the goal distant, and troubled the road,
     And the way long?
     And heavy your load?
Then gird up your courage, and say ‘I am strong,’
     And keep going.

Is the work weary, and endless the grind
     And petty the pay?
     Then brace up your mind
And say ‘Something better is coming my way,’
     And keep doing.

Is the drink bitter life pours in your cup –
     Is the taste gall?
     Then smile and look up
And say ‘God is with me whatever befall,’
     And keep trusting.

Is the heart heavy with hope long deferred,
     And with prayers that seem vain?
     Keep saying the word –
And that which you strive for you yet shall attain.
     Keep praying.

 Poem by : Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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7 thoughts on “Keep Going

  1. This one make me think of the parable of the persistent widow…(Luke 18:1-8). This woman kept coming to the judge until she finally drove him so nuts that he granted her request.

    That’s not to say we drive God crazy with our prayers. The point is that if we don’t have what we ask for, and our motives in prayer are good, than we need to sometimes ask God over and over for our desire.

    It may be that He will not grant our request because the time is not right just yet. Or He may answer the prayer in some other more beneficial way. But we must always remember this: Keep praying! Our prayers come in our time, but the answers come in His time, according to His plans…


    • Brother Jim,
      Thank you for this insightful response 🙂 Yes we need keep praying but as you said, the answer of our prayer in not according to our time but His time. Thank you for always give wonderful and insightful comment on each of my post, brother 🙂 much blessings to you.

      • Well, I’m not “Brother Jim,” but I think you meant this comment for me…LOL!

        The thing is, we can never understand what God is up to in every case. I have a long-standing prayer for reconciliation with my two children from my ex-marriage.

        It has never happened…yet. I admit I give up on the thought now and again, but never on the hope things will change. And any change will take place in God’s time…when it is best for all of us.

        Blessings and love to you, sis, in this and every day!

        Steve 🙂

        • Ooops.. I am so sorry for the mistakes and negligence . I agree with you ! any change will take place in God’s time…when it is best for all of us 🙂 once again I am sorry for the wrong typing your name. Thank you and much blessings.

          • My dear, no apologies are necessary! Just wanted to make sure the reply was mine.

            Change in the mind of God is vastly different from that of human beings. His involves the heartfelt sincerity first, which we do not in some situations.

            Next, His timing is perfect with directing and accepting changes. Ours is not so accurate nor wise in some things.

            God must therefore guide us so that we do as rightly by people and situations as we can.


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