Widely Road


widely road 

Widely road that stretches in the front of you,

Is a picture of your life in this world

There is no one knows which definite direction that are you taken

Behold the rays’ dawn and the stars of your Lord

So that you can continue to walk in the light of life

People who place faith in God

Would not came across of the gloomy road

Because the sunlight in the daytime and the stars at night was shining brightly

Exudes His love from the heights


Photo sources : staticflickr.com




4 thoughts on “Widely Road

  1. I read a story about a pilot who lost contact with his ship, and was low on fuel. Flying at night, he had to rely on his instruments. As he prayed for guidance, they failed, as well. Then to his astonishment his direction became clear. A bright phosphorescent trail followed in the wake of the ship, leading him safely back. God will not forsake us, no matter how dark the road.

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