Are You too busy for God?

busy timeI am on my way to the office when I received this devotional by email. My best friend in Japan sent me this good devotional which is very appropriate with my daily condition. And this evening I am pleased to share it to all of you.

When life gets you down and you feel like what’s the point to all this? There is not much time left in a day for the things you enjoy, because of all your responsibilities. Between working, taking care of your family, your home, and running around doing errands it’s easy to become exhausted. Well may I remind you that God has a purpose for your life, He has a purpose for you every day. Sometimes life does get pretty hectic and when it does we can feel overwhelmed, God tells us

“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

If you feel like you haven’t heard from God and don’t really know what your purpose is then obey God’s word, be still, pray, and listen. Sometimes our daily purpose is something that doesn’t seem significant to us like taking care of your sick child. To Jesus when we care for the sick we are showing love and when we show love to others we love God as well. There might be times when God will bring people into our lives that are broken and your purpose is to reach out and comfort that person. No matter how small or big a purpose seems to us, to God they are all equally important.

Something to Ponder
We should be able to always find time for God even during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If this is an area you struggle with maybe take a closer look at your daily priorities.
Is God at the top of your list?

 Thank you to my best friend Kimiko for sharing this devotional

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