Archive | June 14, 2013

My farewell

This evening, June 15, is my last eve in Jakarta, Indonesia. Saturday morning I will “Fly” to SG, live there and start to string up my new chapter of my life story.  Two years and half live and work in Indonesia is an incredible moment to me. I gained so much valuable experience. Especially in the working world in Indonesia. I have learned so many great things during live in Indonesia. I was learning about how to run a company, how to follow thework ethicofIndonesianworkers, etc. it wasallanincredibleexperience for me.

Gosh..!! I will miss Indonesian country so much especially city of Jakarta. I will miss Indonesian people’s hospitality, it traditional foods, it traffic jam (every day I got it…!), I will miss people around me, my great CEO and his pretty daughter ( My little “angel’, Sandra) and all of friends at the office. I also will miss my good driver, my house maid who always made me a cup of chocolate milk in the morning.

All that happened over than 2 years is a very valuable lesson in my life. It all makes me more robust, mature, indulgent and wise in dealing with all the problems. I am very grateful to God for Your guidance, thank you for all the blessings that You gave into my life. Hereinafter, I surrender my entire life step to the God’s hand.

Good by Jakarta, Indonesia. See you next time…Thank you to all of my friends in Indonesia. You all mean so much…!