When We Face Rejections


Though we often face in life,
Rejections of every kind,
We need to know it’s not the end
And to leave it all behind

And carry on with faith in God,
That He will see us through,
To fulfill what He has called us for,
The work we need to do

And sometimes these rejections,
Is a turning point in life
That lead to other avenues,
To bring our dreams alive

If we can only see this,
As a chance to expand our wings
And see there’s opportunity,
To fulfill our godly dreams

For God knows what’s best for us
And He will show the way,
We only need to trust in Him
And be on our knees each day

For He will bring it all to pass,
Releasing hope inside
As we keep walking with the Lord
And in His love abide.

Written by my favorite poem writer :  M.S.Lowndes

Photo source : http://www.booksandsuch.biz


7 thoughts on “When We Face Rejections

  1. We need to trust as much in the Lord’s direction for us as we do that He exists. If we truly have faith, we must show all aspects of that faith. Super thoughts…


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