The Meaning of Sacrifice

This heart touching story came from a kind, friendly, and humble boy, named David. He was a student of a poor senior high school. Indeed, he got a scholarship to study there because he came from a poor family. He only lived with his father in a small hut. His father was just a construction worker. Because of that, his daily life was really difficult. He was very grateful to attend school even though it was poor.

 One time, it was raining. The rain fell so hard from late midnight till morning. At the moment, David should go to school. But, until almost the school started, David had not seen out of his hut. Apparently he was busy helping his father moved their goods to avoid from being submerged in water if flooding occurs. When finished, he said goodbye to his father and went out from his hut which was starting submerged. But, out there, the rain was still heavy. He knew that he would be late to the class, so he did not care about this rain. He rushed off to school which is about 2 kilometers from where he was now. No motorcycle, moreover a car, he went on foot and pass the rain lonely.
 When he was on the way to the school, he approached by his senior who brought an umbrella. She seemed in a hurry too. But, she was not an individualistic person. She lent her umbrella to be used together. They walked toward the school with only one umbrella which protected them from the rain.
 The rain got heavier. Wind blew on a muddy and crowded road. Suddenly a strong wind blew the umbrella. The umbrella loose and flew into the middle of the road. David’s senior chose to let her umbrella flown away. But, David tried to get it. He ran to catch the umbrella. From the other side, looked a car sped towards David. Look like David would be hit by the car. David’s senior ran toward David to save him. But, unfortunately they both got hit by the car.
 By the people, they were taken to the same hospital. A few minutes later, David’s father arrived at the hospital. Then, he waited in front of David’s room. He was confused and very worried. At the same time, a doctor ran with a strained face toward the room next to David. Suddenly, David’s father immediately stopped the doctor. He scolded the doctor.
 “Why are you so slow?! My son’s life cannot wait for your arrival! Quick! Save my son’s doc!!”.
“I’m sorry. I actually want to go to the next room, but well, I’ll look your son’s condition first”. The doctor tried to be professional.
“I do not want to hear your words, quick, save my son! He’s my only son! I don’t want to lose him!”. David’s father cannot be patient anymore. He kept cursing the doctor.
“Please calm down, sir. I’ll try to do my best”, Replied the doctor.
“How can I calm down! You must save my son, doc!! Don’t let my son die!!”, David’s father looked so emotional.
“My apologize, sir, but I am not a God that can make your son alive or die. I am just a doctor. Please trust me, sir. I’ll do my best”.
David’s father fell silent to hear it. He held his temper for a moment. Then, the doctor came in to check on David.
 Thirty minutes later, the doctor came out and said without an expression to David’s father, “your son is fine”. Then he immediately ran to the room next to David. David’s father was so happy to hear it. He ran after the doctor and wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the doctor. At the same time, a nurse came out from the room which next to David, and said to the doctor, “I’m sorry doc, she’s gone”. The doctor could only smile and shed a tear. David’s father was shocked and paralyzed after hearing that.
 Apparently, the senior of David who lends her umbrella was the daughter of the doctor who examined David. She’s dead now, and David would miss her when he awake.
 For parents, children are priceless. But, for a doctor, whether he/she is his son/daughter or not, patient safety is his priority. He saved the others life, but he could not save his lovely daughter.

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