Engagement Poem

engagement ring

Today is the first anniversary of our engagement. I still remember a year ago kevin, my fiance, giving a gift box containing a diamond ring and a piece of pink paper. He said: “Read this letter at night when you want to sleep. Later at night, I opened the letter and smiled. An engagement poem… and here’s the poem…

Once upon a time you met
and shared much love and laughter
May your Engagement continue the fairy tale
happy Ever After


Love is a miracle, sweet as can be,
That will always remain a complete mystery.
For though it is something that’s centuries old,
It cannot be purchased for silver or gold.
But instead must be given of one’s own free will,
And received with no promises it must fulfill.
And once it’s exchanged in this time-honored way,
There’s nothing that love cannot manage to say.
No problems too great and no problems too small,
For love, like a miracle, conquers them all.
And leaves in their place such a feeling of peace,
That joy, just like love, cannot help but increase!


A future filled with happiness
A special wish for you
Days filled with joy and happiness
And all your dreams come true


To a very special couple
Who make a perfect pair
This brings a wish for happiness
In the future you will share.


May your engagement be the beginning
of a lifetime filled with special
love and happiness.


As you start out together
Along life’s busy road
Remember, bring your dreams with you,
They lighten every load
And then you will discover
As your journey starts today
That happiness walks with you
Hand-in-hand along the way.


A fairytale has just begun in the most perfect way,
Down on one knee a ring was given, “YES” did the lady say,
But this is not a dream you’re in, this is love that’s true,
Now all await with eagerness the day you’ll say “I do!”

This poem was not originally written by my fiance, but I was deeply moved and can’t wait for the time I say: “Yes, I do…! “ at the the church altar in a holy matrimony.

I am grateful to God that already gave me a great person into my life. He is not just fiance,moreover he is my friend, teacher, guide,my inspiration,  and he is my life.. I love you,Kevin.

My fiance took the poem from : Engagement Verse Poem  http://www.imag-e-nation.com

Photo source : My private collection


7 thoughts on “Engagement Poem

  1. I can see why the poem touched you, Karina! What a romantic fiancé you have, that he took the time to find the poem. May God’s hand be upon your marriage. Thank you for visiting and following my blog!

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