Story of Zambian Girl


I am a Zambian girl by nationality and am in my late teens. I was trafficked from Zambia into the UK in early January 2007. I managed to escape from my trafficker around the end of February. I hated myself, the whole world and everyone in it. I thought I had nothing to live for because back home I had lost my young sister and my mum and I never knew my dad. Life has been so difficult.

However, I thank God for giving me the strength to hold on and for directing me to the right people. After my escape I came into contact with The Medaille Trust in March 2007, who have accommodated, fed me and provided me with some pocket-money every week.

A lot of things have changed in my life from the time I came to the Medaille Trust. I was so depressed that I attempted suicide; I had no hope for tomorrow. My dreams were hopeless; I had no strength in me and I didn’t care about anything. All I wanted was to die and forget about all the suffering and pain I went through.

I thank God because people in the Medaille Trust didn’t give up on me. They showed me love and encouraged me in all the areas I needed help with. I have also been attending counseling, which has been so helpful.

I have made very good friends in the safe house and I have learnt a lot from them, for example I have learnt about their cultures and food. Now I can even speak a small amount of Thai and Nigerian languages. I have achieved a lot in a short time. I thought it was going to take years for me to feel like a young lady again. I have gained my confidence. I feel pretty again and am even wiser from the experiences I have had in my life.

The most important thing that has made me happy is being able to go back to school. I am studying Travel and Tourism at the local college. It gives me hope that there is a bright future for me, and that I can be what I have always wanted to be in life.

My entire special thanks to the manager of the house, the staff and to everyone who has made it possible to keep the charity going. May God bless you all.


The Medaille Trust

The Medaille Trust is a Charity which was established in the UK by Religious Sisters, Brothers and Priests in order to provide safe housing for the victims of human trafficking, specifically for those who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation. Another important aspect of our ministry is to raise awareness of this hidden slavery. There are trafficked people in all of our cities, towns and villages in the UK, but because they are hidden, most people are unaware of this.


2 thoughts on “Story of Zambian Girl

  1. Very inspiring testimony. God loves all His people and arranges resources to care for them and to give them another chance at life. Thank you for sharing, Karina. It speaks a lot about you.

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