What is your Passion?


On a particular Wednesday morning, I was waiting for a tram, after consulting with a client. A lady walked up to the tram stop, while pushing a walking aide. As soon as we looked at each other, we smiled. In a recent edition of my newsletter – Ideal Insights, I spoke about the power of a smile, which is an exchange of positive energy. I started a conversation with her, and then we boarded the tram. I sat next to her, and we spent the next 20 minutes, having a friendly chat.

This lady’s name is Patricia; she is 73 years old, looks very vibrant, very energetic, and was a pleasure to talk to. On that particular day, she was on her way to her choir rehearsal. As it happens, she sings for the ‘Choir of Hope and Inspiration’. How appropriate, I thought!

She goes to choir rehearsal twice a week, and travels interstate to perform. Now, you could be saying, she does all this at age 73? Yes, even at age 73, she has such a contagious positive energy. Her vitality was obvious in her speech and her actions.

You see, Patricia is so happy, vibrant, and energetic because of the passion factor. She has such a passion for what she does, and that is the reason why she catches public transport, with a walking aide, in the middle of winter, to her choir rehearsals.

I see through my work in the self help industry, that people like Patricia are in the minority. The masses of the population have given themselves permission to miss out on living with passion. Choose in favour of your passion. If you feel passionate about something, make a decision based on what you are passionate about. Doing so will be beneficial in the long term. If you are passionate about something, that passion can be used as a driving force to face any challenge ahead.

Passion is defined as a strong feeling towards something, an object of enthusiasm. To do something properly or to your liking, you must be passionate about achieving your desired end result. The more passionate you are, the more you will be emotionally attached to getting to the result that you seek. Being passionate can mean becoming so consumed by what you wish to achieve, that in your mind, there is no room for compromise or settling for less. This is a great starting point in the process of bringing to fruition, what you seek.

Aristotle said that passion is one of the causes for all human action. Be that as it may, you would be wise to direct more passion into your actions which lead you to the result that you seek. In other words, whatever you are doing to get what you desire, do it passionately.

Anything that you put your passion into, you will be good at. It is a simple universal law, applicable to everyone, at all times. When people ask me why I love what I do, and I do what I love, my response is simple ‘I am passionate about creating lasting positive changes in people and organisations.’

So, come and join the Patricia’s of this world, and allow yourself to be driven by passion. After reading this story, please ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is your passion factor at the moment?
2. How can you unleash more passion in your life?
3. How will living with passion support your personal growth?

What better way to end this story than with this quote from Mac Anderson . . . ‘You can’t fake passion. It is the fuel that drives any dream and makes you happy to be alive.’

Inspired by passionate Partrica and written by Ron Prasad


7 thoughts on “What is your Passion?

  1. Great article. Thank you as for me I am drive to try and “Add Value” to as many people as possible, as you are. I am age 60 and I realize what Paul said in I Corinthians 7:29 more now than ever before, “The time is Short.” therefore, with the proper passion, I must do all that i can while I can. Your article was an investment of my time to read.

    • Dear brother in Christ, Jim
      Thank you very much for reading my post also gave nice comment 🙂 your age actually not too far with my father. Love your statement :”The time is short” We must do all that we can do while we can. It was so insightful thought. Thank you very much and blessings to you.

  2. Love this one sis! Passion goes well beyond an interest, even an great interest. Passion reaches to the soul of a person. As you’ve said it makes you feel alive and gives a drive which is intense, not to be denied!

    Great post and a super job with it…
    Steve 🙂

      • Hi sis! Yes, no passion leads to dried up bones and broken souls…

        You enjoy your Sunday. I hope you also enjoy your church services today. What church do you attend, Karin?


          • I attend the church of Christ. They are non-denominational and modeled after the church described in Acts chapter 2, and throughout the NT.

            My wife attends a United Methodist church. I just can’t justify some of the things they believe and practice. But I would not get into that unless a person asked me about it…

            Hope your weekend was a good one, sis!

            Steve 🙂

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