Story of 40 old woman

There was a 40 year old woman who couldn’t have a kid since she was married at age 24. She tried everything she could but the doctor told her she was barren. Her husband left her after 16 years of trying.

She became so stressed up and spent most of her free time in meditation classes, religious circles, around pets and children homes.

At 43, she found a 50 year old man who she fell in love with as the man was known to have lost all his family in a disastrous road accident ten years ago and was always single and lonely. Fortunately, against all odds she became
pregnant and she became the happiest lady in the world.

She inspired all the women in the village and her husband bought them a beach house for appreciation. They got a cute baby girl and named her Patience. The baby meant the whole world to her and she even gave her a dog as pet at age 3 who the little girl loved so much.

One day the mother went to the grocery shop and left the baby girl with the dog in the living room. On returning
from the shop, she found the dog with blood all over its face and pieces of Patience’s clothes on its claws.

The woman couldn’t bear it. She immediately took a cutlass that was sharp mouthed and started beating the dog until the dog died. She then stopped crying and followed the blood stains on the floor to the bedroom. Where she found her baby Patience smiling naked on the chair and a DEAD HUGE SNAKE on the floor.

(The Dog had killed the snake and thus rescued the little girl from the snake). Share to inspire others.

don’t always be fast to judge a book by its cover no
matter the situation.
God test us in different ways and we should not fall short
of his mercy and forgiveness.


7 thoughts on “Story of 40 old woman

  1. Things are not always as they seem are they Karina. We are not to judge others, that is always true. Judgment is for the One Lawgiver and Judge, the Lord God Himself. We can dislike what others do, we can even try to respectfully show them another way, but we don’t condemn them.

    Another great story, sis!



      • You know by now I’ll be looking forward to reading any posts you have. I can see from those writings of a year or two ago up until now how much you have grown and matured as a person and as a Godly woman!


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        • Thank you for will looking forward to Reading my posts. Grow and mature in spiritual is my biggest longing in my life. Life in so difficult and the world offers so many worldly things that slowly but sure bring us to the sin.. We have to equip us with a powerful and potent weapon 🙂 Thank you brother 🙂 have a nice day.

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          • My dear, bless you for your thoughts here! There is none of us, no matter how much we may try, will be perfect and without sin on this earth.

            The main thing is not that we may commit a sin now and again, it is to be sure that our sins don’t DEFINE who we are!

            We have the blood of Christ to cover our little “slips” each day. God counts none of that against us if we remain with Him in His loving Light…(1 John 1:7).

            You have things in proper perspective, sis! Hold to that desire to mature in the things of God through Christ Jesus. It will be your blessing from God to see improvement made. I see it in you…


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          • You are welcome as always sis. I don’t need to add much to what you say in your posts, they are very good as you write them!


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