A Crown of Thorns


There was, upon this earth, a Savior
who came to cleanse and heal.
He wore a crown of thorns upon His head, Our souls to ever seal.

He gave up the crown of Glory
that was rightfully His, that day ~
that He came to earth to give
unto all men, a glorious stay.

He put aside His own sweet crown,
His signet ring that day,
That, maybe, all would come and walk
In His dear righteous way.

He loved us with a love so pure.
On His head He wore a crown of thorns,
That His love would cleanse the world
And man could be reborn.

Mighty is the name of this Savior,
Jesus. He redeemed the day
For all who would accept Him
And walk along His righteous way.

They hung Him upon
an old rugged Cross,
A thief on either side.
But, the day He comes back, again,
He’ll take us to be His bride.

If we give our Hearts to Him
Who bore our shame on Calvary’s Cross,
Though we’ve sinned o’er and o’er,
We’ll suffer no loss …

But, only if we claim Him as Savior
And are not filled with shame.
Then, that fateful day, in Glory,
He’ll proudly proclaim our name.

This is the love of one so dear ~
That He suffered agonizing pain
So, when this life on earth is over,
Through Him, we’ll be joined again.

By His tender mercies and pain
Of a crown of thorns upon His head,
He will raise us up to Glory, as was He
After they pronounced Him dead.

Easter Poem by  Pearlie Duncan Walker

11 thoughts on “A Crown of Thorns

  1. My dear sweet friend,
    I just got your notification through my gadget. First of all thank you so much for you kindness and concern to my blog. Honestly, I want to take your invitation, but unfortunately this time I could fulfill what you wish because this time I have situation here so I could not post the required ideas now. Right now my mom is in hospital 😦 I am so sorry couldn’t involve in this blog hop. I really hope that you will not disappointed and upset to me. Maybe later in another time I will fulfill this invitation. Really sorry for this 😦 Blessings to you too.

    • Dear, sister Anna.
      I am doing well, sis. Thank you very much for your care. Yes beside busy with my office tasks, Andrew always make me busy with his acts. Thank you very much and God bless, sis 🙂

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