Self – improvement

A few days ago, I was giving training with  the topic of self – improvement to the our new employees.  Now, I want to share the materials that I use in that training. This training materials  is not my own but I summarized from various sources.

Hopefully this materials or ideas can be useful for everyone who wants to make self – improvement


Be a disciplined person in the entire aspect of our life. Disciplined with our time whatever we do. As long as my experience with successful person that I ever met, they are have highly disciplined. Doing our tight schedule with strong disciplined.  Try to plan our schedule in advance with high disciplined


Goals in important. Everyone should have goals. It makes us always move on. If we haven’t goals to achieve we will stagnant and become too comfortable in your comfort zone.

Positive thinking

Keep on think positive will give us a bright and great side of our life. Positive thoughts not just improve our capability but even give positive influence to others to make self-improvement.

Mind controlling

If we want to control our life, let’s control our mind first. Avoid and remove negative thoughts in your mind. Manage and organize your mind with positive and powerful thoughts.

Upgrade our knowledge.

We can’t do anything without knowledge. Doing some specific things also require specific knowledge. Therefore, always keep upgrade it to the highest degree. Higher knowledge means higher intelligence.

Good and useless people.

We should have to surround ourselves with good people. Associate with people who always give us positive influence and can improve our character, mind, and attitude. Do not hesitate spend your time to make relationship with friends that make you feel loved and respected. Free ourselves from many useless people and rid them from around you.  Do not let your ignorance haunted by associating with useless people.

Be tidy.

Live in tidiness will clear up our mind. More productive and be in control of your life. Be tidy is the most powerful self-improvement idea.

Be Grateful.

Richelle E. Goodrich said “ Be thankful for your allotment in an imperfect world.  Though better circumstances can be imagined, far worse are nearer misses than you probably care to realize.” Always be grateful with all of we got, even though sometime what we get is often not as we expected.  Think that other people might be got worse than us. (Back to No.3. Positive thinking)


Always be happy when someone succeeds.  Acknowledge his/her achievement.  Give a good compliment and they will thank you for that.  Do not ever feel prestige to admit the success of others.

Overcome our fear.

Fear is the only thing that holds you back. To overcome your fear you will have to feel the fear, but do it anyway. Really understand this self-improvement idea. Only this way you can get rid of your fears. As a result you will become confident and proactive. You will look back and laugh at the things you were so scared of.

Do not compete

Although most people think that being competitive is good, this is not true. You should create and not try to take something away from others. By creating you stop participating in competition. You feel at ease and others appreciate what you create.

Finish what you start

Do not leave one thing halfway done. Always finish everything you started. The sense of accomplishment will give you confidence and inspiration. Many people don’t follow this self-improvement idea, but that’s why they don’t achieve excellent results.

Take and give

If you want to take or receive, you firstly have to give. This is how the universe works. For example, to become an expert in some field, you have to give your time in exchange for the knowledge. This self-improvement idea is taken from the universal laws.

Treat our self

Always look after yourself and this will greatly raise your mood. This means dressing well, looking neat, nourishing your skin and hair and having relaxing time alone.


It has never been easier to explore different countries. Use this to your advantage and start travelling. You will meet interesting people, see different places and feel independence and freedom (especially if you are travelling alone).

 If you interested to learn more about self-improvement  you can visit the following link because according to my self research I assess  this website is the best ones. Here the link :





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