Life like an Ax


Once upon a time, there was a very strong woodcutter. He applies for a job at a lumber merchant and gets a good wage. Therefore he promised to work best.

The employer gives the  ax and show the work area

 First day the woodcutter was able to knock down 18 trees. And it makes the employer was impressed and said, “Good! Go to work like that. “ He was more motivated to work harder.

However, something happened. On the second day, he was only able to knock down 15 trees and increasingly continue to decline

With great disappointment he said “I have lost my strength “

He finally met his employer to apologize and ask what is going on. The employer smiled wisely and said: ” when was the last you sharpen your ax?”
“Hone? I do not have time to sharpen the ax because it’s very busy felling trees”
wisely the employer explaining what had happened.

Sometimes in our lives, we are too busy working to get something we want. Good position in the company, salaries, and tried to rise to a higher level, but we forget and do not have much time to hone and upgrading ourselves. Like an ax, we need to continually hone and sharpen our skills. Do not forget, in running this life we have to “SHARP “

Sharp in reading opportunities
Sharp in taking action
Sharp in addressing
Sharp in finding the feasibility of life

To continue to be sharp, we must continue to learn, give our time to God and the people you care about. Sometimes we need time to calm down, brooding, introspection so that we are getting wiser in life.

Do not let your life become dull and makes us unable to do anything



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